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Aidonia saddles up for Sting


Amid his heavily booked schedule, from now until early next year, dancehall artiste Aidonia says he is gearing up to give the performance of his life at Sting.

According to his publicist Kaylia Williams, “I implore everyone to come out to Sting on Boxing Day as Sting celebrates their 30th anniversary. Aidonia will definitely give an A++ performance and he will be bringing the Sting. To add, Aidonia plans to end the year with a bang and will be donating to a few charities. Already we are in talks with Miss Kitty for Nationwide radio’s charity.”

The artiste has been travelling across the Caribbean for shows almost every weekend, and has been a regular pick for several Corporate companies.

“I am very grateful and is just the work and time we putting in for the fans. They have kept me in the business, motivating me to push harder and inspiring me to be more creative, so we continuing on that path and working with the formula and produce more hits for the fans to enjoy themselves,” said Aidonia.


Busy season

Aidonia’s manager and booking agent, Lavarcam Lawrence, says the festive season is already looking positive.

“We will be very busy from now down to Christmas into the New Year. Aidonia will be heading off to Barbados to headline Little Ricky Birthday Bash at the Kensington Oval, and when he gets back he will be jetting off again to St Vincent,” Lawrence said.

The artiste has been releasing a series of songs geared towards the females which have been creating quite a stir on social media and has been getting good reviews for his new single Grip Mi, which was recorded in Martinique.

The song, which has been topping charts across the Caribbean islands, recently had tongues wagging on social media after Rihanna’s best friends, Melissa Forde and Leleboo, uploaded videos of themselves dancing to the song on Instagram.

The Instagram video received over 7,000 likes in less than two hours. The deejay is currently in talks with the producer, DJ Gil, who produced Grip Mi, for another project coming out of Martinique.

Aidonia is currently promoting Boomflick, produced by TJ Records and shot a video for that effort last weekend.

He is also set to release new singles for producers Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor, Spider, TJ Records, Jordan and a soon-to-be-released JOP rhythm produced by his manager.


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