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Ricky Skerritt Will Remain As Head of West Indies Cricket

April 13, 2021 | Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

Photo of the President of W.I Cricket Ricky Skerrit

Skerritt To Be Returned

After much fanfare and the printing of a rather glitzy Manifesto it has been revealed that Ricky Skerritt  would be returned as president of the West Indies Cricket unopposed for a further two year term. This is the latest development in the failed attempt at unseating Ricky Skerritt et al.

Reacting to this new development Skerritt said inter alia:

The Opposition was aware that they could not win so they have withdrawn.”

This withdrawal has not taken hardened Cricket supporters by surprise. How do you unseat a successful team?  The role for success is continued confidence and a further term.

Lack of Quorum

You will recall that the Mach 28th 2021, AGM had to be postponed due to the lack of any legal status as at least two territories were not present at the virtual AGM that of Barbados and Guyana.  The Opposition came from these two territories.

Disqualify Skerritt

There was noise being made that there were plans a foot to disqualify Skerritt on rather flimsy grounds disguised as ethics violation.  It was hoped that highly placed individual(s) associated with the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) may be used to facilitate this move.  What became of that proposed plan or plot?  Has it fizzled like Andrew Liver Salts or soda mixed with tamarind?


How does Skerritt continue to trust people who are supposed to be a team player when such an individual is plotting to destroy your work.  Undermining your fellow board member is not a good optic going forward. Nothing is wrong with challenging for Leadership, but do so in a clean way.  The perception of anancy-ism, in my view played a crucial role in the decision to not only get support from the wider community,  but to ultimately withdraw.

Unclean Hands

You must enter His courts with clean hands. Get morally sanitized so you can be whole.  God said we should enter his courts with goodness and truth. You cannot touch Skerrett the Lord anointed if you don’t enter His courts with holiness.  Skerritt was duly elected by the people.  Vox populi. The voice of the people is the voice of God.  We need to quickly recover from Dave Cameron’s poor leadership. Dave Cameron did everything wrong for Regional Cricket. He was divisive, vindictive and petty. Happy riddance to you Dave Cameron. Let us give Skerritt a chance to make a difference.

Cut CCJ Links

Going forward any links with the leadership of the CCJ should be severed.  You cannot be judge, jury and executioner. This court is the final Appellate Court in the region and at some point may be asked to adjudicate on a matter concerning a West Indies Cricket Board decision.  The CCJ would appear to be in conflict.  This perception is not a healthy look as it relates to the administration of justice.  Appearance, if nothing else is critical for fairness in justice related matters at all times.

Dave Cameron, immediate Past President, West Indies Cricket, under paragraph on Divisive.

Poetically Speaking

We must never lose hope

God has equipped us to cope

Hope eternal stands supreme.

Such confidence stands on top like milk cream

Let us not be fooled by false hope. .

Anancy -ism is akin to using dope

Such a practice is false hope

That can only slide you down a slippery slope


A Visionary View aka Hopeton, poet


We are just too divisive as a people. This is Dave Cameron’s legacy which West Indies Cricket has inherited. What else should we expect?  Some of us seem to be intoxicated with ambition and constipated with anancy-ism to the extent that we allow ourselves to be brain washed.

Who was fooling Skerritt’s opponents?  They were gullible indeed!

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a poet, elegist, satirist, and veteran journalist, an avid Cricket enthusiast who has international exposure.

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