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Armed Invasion of Indigenous Maroon Territory

August 12,2021 | Zhane Squire |

The Government of Cockpit Country considers it important to communicate a note of concern to the Government Jamaica.

We have been briefed on allegations of rogue armed  police officers invading Bethsalem district within the indigenous Maroon territory to destroy their lawfully grown agricultural and botanical crops which may include plants of the cannabis genus which are legal in Maroon territory according  to Maroon law, a matter which raises very serious concerns and questions. The Bethsalem District is one of several satellite districts that are directly connected to Accompong which is the capital and seat of the Cockpit Country indigenous government. The People of Bethsalem are Maroons; descendants of the island’s first people who had resisted colonization and voters in Maroon elections held every five years in Accompong. The community of Bethsalem is under the exclusive jurisdiction of the indigenous Maroon government, being a community of Maroons within the Cockpit Country and under the duly elected Chief Richard Currie Administration. The Indigenous Community looks to the Government of Jamaica for an explanation.  The ability to operate with confidence in our own indigenous territory without fear and threat of harm to our people and their livelihoods is critical in our bid to improve our conditions as indigenous people and to restoring our dignity as a people. An explanation from the Government of Jamaica is vital in maintaining investor and business confidence on both our parts, to maintaining the stability of the societies operating upon this archipelago, and to maintaining peaceful relations with in the family of Jamaica. The Government of Cockpit Country will have further comment on this matter as the facts become clear.

The Government and People of the Cockpit Country take this opportunity to renew to the Government of Jamaica the assurances of their highest esteem.

Source State of Cockpit Country

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