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BIG3 Announces Major Roster Moves and Coaching Changes for Seventh Season

Los Angeles, — The BIG3, a renowned 3-on-3 basketball league, has set the stage for its seventh season with a flurry of roster moves and coaching changes, announced today. With the season set to tip off on June 15, 2024, in Oakland, CA, anticipation is building among fans and players alike for what promises to be an action-packed campaign.

In a significant shake-up, the league unveiled several key coaching appointments. Nick “Swaggy P” Young will step into the role of coach for the 2023 Champion Enemies, succeeding Gilbert Arenas, who held the position for three seasons. Alongside Young, newly promoted player-captain Jordan Crawford is poised to lead the team into the fray.

Meanwhile, former player Rashard Lewis will transition to a coaching position with the 3-Headed Monsters, bringing his wealth of experience to guide the team’s fortunes. The Ghost Ballers will see the return of the legendary George Gervin at the helm, supported by captain Mike Taylor. Notably, pioneering female coaches Nancy Lieberman and Lisa Leslie will continue to make their mark, steering Power and Triplets, respectively, in what is a testament to the league’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

With player-captains Earl Clark and Jason Richardson set to resume their leadership roles, the league is also bolstering its ranks with new signings, including NBA veterans Jeff Teague and Paul Milsap. Of particular note is the groundbreaking offer extended to Caitlin Clark, enabling her to compete in both the BIG3 and the WNBA, underscoring the league’s progressive approach to gender equality in sports.

Speaking on the developments, BIG3 CEO and co-founder Ice Cube expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming season, highlighting the unparalleled talent and groundbreaking initiatives within the league. “The gameplay of this group speaks for itself, and they are coming in hot for June 15,” he remarked, reflecting the league’s commitment to pushing boundaries and advancing the game of basketball.

Director of Basketball Operations, Thomas Scott, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the league’s dedication to fostering player success and competitiveness. “Our players know the game better than anyone, and it’s been amazing to watch them push the boundaries and grow into captains and coaches,” he stated, emphasizing the league’s emphasis on nurturing talent and driving excellence on the court.

As anticipation builds for the forthcoming season, all eyes are on the BIG3 as it continues to carve its place in the basketball landscape, offering fans a unique and electrifying brand of hoops entertainment.


The BIG3’s latest roster moves and coaching appointments mark a significant moment for the league as it prepares for its upcoming season. With an emphasis on diversity, inclusion, and innovation, the BIG3 continues to push the boundaries of traditional basketball, showcasing a dynamic blend of seasoned veterans and rising stars. As the league gears up for what promises to be its most exciting season yet, fans can expect nothing short of high-octane action and thrilling matchups on the hardwood.

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