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Bolt advert sparks debate – Mixed views on dress scene


Jamaican sprint sensation, Usain Bolt, is receiving stark criticisms following his role in an overseas commercial where he plays the role of a woman.

Telecommunications company, Virgin Media, created the commercial to advertise their new broadband Internet service.

In the 40-second advert, Bolt is seen playing multiple roles in a ‘Virgin Media household’ as a baby, mother, grandfather and teenage boy, all of whom could be seen using the advertised product.

But the athlete’s role as the mother however, has received some harsh reviews, while others find it entertaining.

“I hope it pays, cause he will never live it down,” a Facebook user commented.

“Di big man inna dress! Is a next gay ting dis?” another stated.

While another user added, “I don’t see anything wrong with it. If gangster a dress up inna granny frock fi kill people, what’s wrong if Bolt do it fi mek millions?”

This is the athlete’s third commercial with the popular telecommunications company.


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