Breaking News: Grenada Reject Legalization Of Homosexuality Bill et al

The tiny West Indian Island of voters numbering some 70, 000, renown for their spice like nutmeg have shut out any possible spice from their personal lives by rejecting the 7 items onblock.  The spice island has had a colourful history having murdered their former Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and was invaded by the United States of America.


Seven Bills were on the slate for the voters to consider. Reports are that the voter turn out was only about 30 percent.

Among the issues rejected was for the Caribbean Court Of Justice (CCJ) to replace the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council as their final Appellate Court.

Same Sex Marriage

The most controversial of all the proposed bills for voter consideration at the Referendum was for females and males to be seen as equal under the law. This proposal proved to be the most controversial as it was seen especially by those in the religious community as opening the door to same sex marriage.


Each country irrespective  of their geographic size must determine  their own fate.  They must not allow themselves to be influenced
by others who may have strange  or deviant agendas,  especially at it relates to the vexed issue of morality.

Biblical Principles

We will wait to see how this issue is resolved.   West Indians by and large are by profucts of a Christian society and as such their morals are biblically influenced.  Like it or not that is how it is.  It not about not granting human rights or respect to alternative lifestyles, it is simply about binlical principles.

To each their own.  We do not condemn anyone nor make judgment calls.  We just state the facts as we see them.

Our constitution grants equal rights to all.  It is the law of the lands. Plain and simple. We respect same.


This is our perspective.  What is yours?  Let us get your feedback.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior international Correspondent for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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