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Bunting’s Son Brent On Criminal Wounding Charge …

The son of former National Security Minister Peter Bunting, Brent Bunting has been criminally charged for wounding Andrew Blacks, a music producer.  Blacks is believed to be counter sued/charged.


Details are sketchy but our news Bureau has learnt that it is alleged that Brent Bunting attacked Blacks as he was upset that music being played by Blacks was disturbing him.  Instead of reporting the matter of the alleged disturbance to the police for action he Brent Bunting took matters in his own hands.  It is further alleged that Brent Bunting knocked at Black’s door and attacked him causing him to get a fractured cheek.  The unlawful attack was reported  by Andrew Blacks … the Police arrested and criminally charged Brent Bunting with wounding.

Cross Case

We have to wait and see the outcome of this case.  We feel it is likely to be settled out of court. Blacks was counter sued for wounding.  This is called a cross case. Counter suits are common strategies employed to facilitate a possible out of court settlement.


The police oftentimes suggest this course of action.  It should be noted that we have no evidence that the Police gave this advice to either of the complainants in this wounding case.

Tricks in trade, eh!

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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