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Book Shop

An innovative and obviously sharp thinking if not a fearless risk taking entrepreneur decided to invest in a bus shell which has been converted into a book shop … located on the side walk verge/banking on the same hand of the Mcnie All Age School, on Tate Road, Kelletts Town,  Clarendon, Jamaica W. I.  With a population of about 65,000 persons mainly farmers. The community capital town


As is seen in the posted image the bus shell is tastefully  decorated and secured with steel bars at both windows and doors to include the front and rear windshields.  A foundation of a sort is shored up with cement blocks and steel planks driven down into the banking. With the weight of the bus shell this Book shop should be well anchored. Inscribed are the words: Bensonton Town at he pace normally reserved for the destination the bus plied. The bus in former years took country folk and their produce to and from the city and likely the market.


Bensonton Division where York District falls is the hometown of the late Aunt Flossie Russell who was born and lived for over 108 years before her transition in August 2017. (See Vision Newspaper for the story of her death … please use search engine).

Independent Business

A little girl we seen in the book shop, who we will call Marcia, (not her real name), told me that her mother runs the book shop business and it is not connected to the Mcnie All Age School.  Initially, I was of the opinion due to converted bus shell’s strategic location,  it was a part of the school or at least run by the nearby Mcnie All Age School operated by The Ministry Of Education. This is an independent small business where growth in the economy can and usually occurs.



We wish this new business all the success. Our concern is the economy of the area. Is the economy of the Mcnie/Cawley/Fort George Districts etc. strong enough to support this small business?  This is mainly a farming community but remittances could make a difference. We hope this can assist so this business can be sustained.

Internet Cafe

If the vacuum to fill the need for books can be met and books etc. are timely sourced, then this can generally  be a good business. The converted bus is a great idea whose time has come. Selling related educational products is usually a sound business as the mark up can be about 40 percent depending on the item. An internet cafe could be a good compliment to help with cash flow. Students are right there so there is a captive market.

Kelletts High School is also not far away. Good for all.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper.

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