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Celebrating Caribbean Excellence at the Fourth World Diversity in Leadership Conference

Toronto, Canada – In a vibrant celebration of Caribbean intellect and global leadership, Dr. Hilda Fankah-Arthur, President and Founder of The Centre For Intellectual Excellence (CeFIE), is set to lead the Fourth World Diversity in Leadership (WODIL) Conference. This prestigious event, held in partnership with the WODIL Centre, promises to ignite conversations on equity, diversity, and inclusion while championing sustainability on the world stage.

Diversity Conference Flyer
Diversity Conference Flyer

Dr. Fankah-Arthur, a distinguished figure in equity and inclusion, brings her wealth of experience to the forefront as she convenes this international forum. With a background deeply rooted in Caribbean heritage, her leadership resonates strongly with the diaspora community, bridging connections across continents.

Scheduled from July 3rd to 5th, 2024, at the Best Western Premier Hotel & Conference Centre in Calgary, Alberta, the WODIL Conference will gather 2000 experts, corporate leaders, government officials, research professionals, community champions, and graduate students from around the globe.

Under the theme “Advancing ESG through Sustainable I.D.E.A Initiative,” the conference aims to explore the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles with inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (I.D.E.A). This innovative approach seeks to pave the way for a more responsible and inclusive future, echoing the values deeply cherished within the Caribbean community.

Canadian TV personality Arisa Cox will lend her charismatic presence as the host, adding flair and energy to the event. Renowned speakers, including former Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard, Vice President of The Republic of Liberia Dr. Jewel Taylor, and Executive Director of FNCFCS Dr. Cindy Blackstock, will share their insights and experiences, enriching the dialogue on global leadership and sustainable development.

Reflecting on past editions featuring luminaries like Margaret Trudeau and Martin Luther King Jr. III, the WODIL Conference continues to serve as a beacon of inspiration and collaboration, fostering connections that transcend borders.

For those eager to join this transformative gathering, registration details and additional information can be found at

As the Caribbean community embraces its role in shaping a more inclusive and sustainable world, the WODIL Conference stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of excellence and leadership that defines our heritage.

Alwin Marshall-Squire

Alwin Marshall-Squire is the Editor-in-Chief and Afro-Canadian Affairs Writer at Vision Newspaper - The Caribbean Update. With over two decades of experience, he is a dedicated advocate for amplifying Afro-Canadian voices. Alwin leads with vision, shaping the newspaper's editorial direction to reflect the diverse Jamaican Diaspora community. His insightful commentary and investigative reporting shed light on issues of identity and social justice, sparking crucial conversations and inspiring positive change. Alwin is not only a journalist but also a community leader, actively involved in initiatives promoting equity and representation. For feedback Alwin can be reached at

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