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Chairman of Suriname’s Gonini People’s Party Siegfried Jalink Sr. Teams Up with Taliba Morgan (Morgan Heritage Family) for “Brighten Your Smile” Initiative

May 12, 2022 | Susan Smith |

Chairman of Suriname’s Gonini People’s Party Siegfried Jalink Sr. is working towards creating brighter and healthier smiles, having created an initiative called the Brighten Your Smile mission. Teaming up with Taliba Morgan, the owner of the St. Thomas, Jamaica-based mobile practice Morgan’s Dental Studio, the duo plan to bring two to three renowned dentists from around the globe for this initiative to give back to the people of Suriname, this July 2022.

“I chose to do this initiative because it is part of my mission as the chairman of my political party to see where change is needed and act on it.” Was there a dire need for something like this? “There is absolutely a need, the people of my country want hope for a better future and the current government body and I intend to give it to them, to the best of our ability,” Jalink Sr. explained.

Morgan’s Dental Studio began as a teeth whitening service during the pandemic and now has evolved into something much bigger, community service.

“The Brighten Your Smile initiative is to bring quality dental care to the people of Suriname. It’s important to the chairman and I because, he himself has seen the need for quality healthcare for the country and this is just another step forward in that direction. This is important on many levels, but most importantly it’s time to bring the people of this great nation of Suriname forward,” Morgan expressed.

This mission will involve two dentists from Jamaica and one from Cuba, who will be on hand to assist the community with gaining free quality oral healthcare, over a period of seven days with procedures ranging from restorative work to extractions and dental exams, among others.

With this intended to be an annual initiative, the event will take place next year with the Gonini Development Foundation of Suriname on board. In their mission to enhance the lives of the residents of Suriname, the duo is ultimately working towards establishing a free dental clinic in the surrounding village and offering free dental care to many. In addition, plans are being put in place to have Jamaican dental students join the mission by visiting Suriname to work as a clinical elective in the near future, along with medical students for the upcoming year.

“This move will help the people in Suriname, as well as give the students in Jamaica the opportunity to travel internationally and have the clinical experience they need and desire to be a success in the workforce and in the world,” Morgan expounded.

The initiative is also a great move for creating a strong national bond between Jamaica and Suriname, as the chairman aims to create programmes that will benefit citizens of both countries.

“I intend to join forces with Jamaica on an economical level through outreach programs for our youth, women and children, giving them access to quality education and experience so that they too can join the workforce and build a great society,” Jalink Sr. stated.

SOURCE Powerhouse Global Media

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