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Constitutional Crisis Grips Jamaica

December 9, 2020 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

Jamaica is Effectively A One Party State

At present there is a Constitutional crisis in Jamaica. Should Andrew Holness exploit this lack of a constituted Senate to pass any laws he wishes?  At at this time he can even suspend the Constitution if he so desires. Legally there is nothing or anyone to stop the JLP led government from doing so. The Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) led Andrew Holness government has the required two thirds majority in both houses of Parliament to do as it wishes.  They have a free hand due to the failure of the Opposition PNP to fill a vacant seat in the Senate.  Filling that vacancy will cause the Senate to be able to block any attempt to pass laws it does not want.  The 49:14 landslide in the lower House has already given the JLP this two thirds majority. It is now the two thirds numbers in the Senate that gives them the (JLP) the green light.



Convention dictates that the JLP will not exploit this, but why not?  It is not very often that you get this free hand. Why not use it to your advantage?  Politics is not about what looks good, it is about seizing  opportunities when they present themselves.  Politics is not a Sunday School affair.  This is a real world.  A government is elected to govern.

Blocked Laws

The PNP has blocked certain laws especially the imposition of the State of Emergency which was being used as a last resort as a crime fighting tool. This measure was most effective especially in Montego Bay in 2018 it helped to reduce crime by double figures at the time. The Opposition’s support was crucial or the measure could not have been put into effect legally as it required a two third vote in both Houses to be passed and become law.  Holness now has a free hand. He should not be shy to use same for effective management of the society’s affairs.

“Do well with what God has bestowed on you PM Andrew Holness. Do not squander your good fortune”.

Peter Bunting

Public commentator on a talk show monitored by Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie recently.

Bunting in 2010

It is ironic that Bunting now funds himself a victim of “road block” tactics. In 2010 the said Peter Bunting was National Security Minister. He had power then and he used that power to block the renewal of the then State of Emergency.  This was a cruel blow to the JLP. Fast forward to 2020 Norman Horne blocked him from being apoiinted a Senator.

Signed Indemnity Letter

The said Peter Bunting signed letters of Indemnity legitimizing the murder of Keith Clarke who was viciously murdered in an apparent cold blood,  by agents of the state (Soldiers) who raided his house in Kirkland Heights, upper St. Andrew, in a botched attempt to catch Christopher”Dudus” Coke. Bunting later tried to ligitimize that atrocity … the matter is under appeal in the Courts.  Is this poetic justice for Bunting?

Polarizing Figure

When Peter Bunting recently stated on the record that he was a “polarizing figure” he did hit the nail its head top dead centre.  He was very correct. This does not excuse the despicable conduct of Norman Horne, as two wrongs do not make for a right. A well known maxim.

Sinking In Effluent?

The more you wiggle Honourable Mark Golding et al, the deeper you seem to be sinking in shaving cream aka effluent. We would not wish for our most hated enemy to drown in a cespool of effluent. That would be a most cruel death. This is our perspective. What is yours?

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Road is being cleared to swear in Peter Bunting as a Senator.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a veteran journalist, a keen observer of politics, with an international exposure.

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