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Cuban Vaccine Break Through

May 3, 2021 | Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

The Cuban Vaccine Success

The WHO has just given a category of excellence to the Cuban vaccine against the Sovereign 2 corona-virus, “which, (is even suitable for paediatric use, something that no current vaccine had achieved)” The Sovereign 2 was developed in Cuba, it is the Latin American vaccine against corona-virus and after phase III tests it will be ready in May. “The Cuban Soberana O2  Covid-19 Vaccine hit the ground running in the continent. It is on the select list of vaccines of the World Health Organization (WHO) and is the first made in Latin America that passed phase 2 of clinical trials. It has an advantage that makes it distinctive:

Can be Applied in Paediatric Population

“The vaccine entered the successive stages of testing on October 19 of last year and at the beginning of March, the pharmaceutical company BioCubaFarma confirmed that the Regulatory Authority of Medicines, Equipment and Medical Devices of Cuba (CECMED) gave the green light to the final stage of investigation “.

At least 90 thousand Cubans from ten communes were injected for this test and CECMED itself guaranteed the exhaustive evaluation of the previous trials describing it as a”very safe” vaccine. It is a conjugated drug in which the virus antigen and tetanus toxoid are combined. It is expected that immunity reaches the mucous of the respiratory tract in order to prevent the entry of the virus. “In other words, it would prevent contagion, something that not all the vaccines applied so far guarantee.  It is also confirmed to reduce symptoms and reduce the risk of death.”

We are not in a position to endorse this Cuban vaccine, just giving information on a matter of great public interest.  It is in this context that this information must be viewed and consumed.


Should we not be able to give the second dose to seniors in particular,  as required with the AstraZeneca vaccine …. then this could create a real emergency.  We need to fully open up the economy very soon. Will the Cuban vaccine avert any such an emergency?


We are happy for this additional platform to access vaccines from Cuban, a known friend of Jamaica who has always come to our help in times of need.  This is great news. Our Saviour never sleeps. We hope things go well and this Cuban vaccine will get WHO final approval.

Child  Friendly

We are delighted to learn that this vaccine can be applied to children.  The other vaccines have not been said to be so applicable as it relates to children.

Supply Of Vaccines

We are looking forward to this new window of opportunity to get additional vaccines which is in short supply worldwide and is said to be in great demand.  There may even be a shortage due to supply and demand.  We hope there is no hoarding by wealthy nations.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is a Senior Caribbean/International Correspondent for Vision Newspaper

4 thoughts on “Cuban Vaccine Break Through

  • Patrick Tulloch

    This is good news for the region as a whole .it is also good to know that children will be able to participate in the p of vaccination this will have a positive effect on the reopening of schools. Soi think governments in the region should start to place there orders before the rich nations buy out the product.Jm govt must act swiftly so as to source supply.

  • Daphne Samuels

    Yes, a number of Jamaicans are hoping that our Govt. will place their order for this vac..We are waiting patiently.This is the one that we are waiting for to get vaccinsted

  • Cuba 🇨🇺 has done it again. This country inspite of the many obstacles placed in its way by the imperialist governments around the world, they’ve made great strides on all fronts. Viva la Cuba 🇨🇺

  • Ita marshall smith

    I will love they’re good friendly people


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