Dennis Meadows, Former FLA Vice Chair Fingered In Alleged Corruption In The Issuance of Firearms To Criminals

February 18, 2022 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

War Declared At Firearm license Authority (FLA).

The executive director of the FLA has come out swinging at a press conference, Tuesday, February 15, 2022, in which Shane Dalling has accused in particular one Dennis Meadows, of trying to destroy his character. Dalling said that he has been on a campaign to clean up corruption at the FLA. Falling further disclosed that 200 firearm licenses were issued under questionable circumstances. Alleged criminal elements were issued legal firearms, contrary to the laws of Jamaica, and FLA regulations. Dalling went into employment at the FLA in late 2017. Dennis Meadows has allegedly been fingered. Former National Security Minister Hon. Robert Montaque had appointed Dennis Meadows to the FLA Board.

Ex-Convicts Granted Legal Firearms

“Since Mr. Dennis Meadows’ departure from the FLA Board in 2017 there has been a concerted attack on my character”.  Mr. Shane Dalling, Executive Director of the Firearms Licensing Authority (FLA)., an attorney at law has disclosed at a Press Conference held Tuesday, February 15, 2022.


Former National Security Minister under the PNP Hon. Peter Bunting from 2014 was aware of certain alleged wrongdoings at the FLA. Media reports pointed this out publicly in newspapers. He apparently did nothing to correct ills at the FLA. Shameful indeed.

Mr. Shane Dalling continues to speak live to Cliff Hughes and Tyrone Reid on Evening Radio aired by Nationwide News Network (NNN). February 15, 2022.

“The former deputy Chairman Mr. Dennis Meadows’ signature appears more than any other Director on questionably issued firearm licenses. The granting of a Fireman Permit needs at least three members of the Board at FLA. Some 200 Firearm licenses were granted, mainly bearing Mr. Dennis Meadows’ signature consistently. Mr. Meadows is consistent with the feature of granting licenses to convicted applicants. The security and intelligence authorities gave adverse findings against certain applicants to the FLA board. For example a sample from the Board sheet # 30 has revealed that Mr. Dennis Meadows’ signature features on same. This is a consistent pattern. ”

Mr. Shane Dalling reported in his radio interview.

Jah Cure

Artiste Jah Cure who has been convicted for Robbery with Aggravation, Rape & Illegal Possession of a Firearm was granted a legal firearm license, after a previous refusal (for a legal firearm). Jah Cure’s refusal decision to hold a legal firearm license was mysteriously reversed.

Procedures Changed

Major General Antony Anderson, as a subsequent Chairman changed certain procedures to improve transparency and accountability. Section 37 of the FLA Board calls for a review or appeal in the case of a refusal of an application. The same Directors who denied an applicant is not authorized to sit on the review panel. This was violated several times with Mr. Dennis Meadows has featured in most, if not all of the irregularities. Some employees were dismissed that costed the FLA $11.5 million dollars, according to Mr. Shane Dalling.

Major General Antony Anderson

A corporate area Don was found to have had four (4) separate firearms permits. They have since been revoked under Major General Antony Anderson’s chairmanship. Anderson is currently Police Commissioner for Jamaica.

Shane Dalling is also said to be under investigation by the Integrity Commission. The Integrity Commission has written a letter to Mr. Shane Dalling clearing him of any wrongdoing.

Mr. Dennis Meadows has been accused by Shane Dalling of leaking corrupt practices at the FLA. This was allegedly done on Social Media, his Instagram page, by Mr. Dennis Meadows in repeated tweets.


The Major Organized Crime Agency (MOCA) has investigated certain allegations against Mr. Shane Dalling. Mr.Shane Dalling has not been so fingered.

“A person called me and asked to meet with me in a clandestine manner. Certain shocking revelations were disclosed to me”.

“I do not fear death, we all have to die.”

So uttered a subdued sounding Shane Dalling in that earth shattering radio interview being reported on.

Chief Currie of the Accompong Maroons

The firearm in the possession of the Maroon Chief Currie, is now illegal. He had a valid permit, but it has not been renewed. Currie is in breach of section 44 of the FLA regulations. It was renewable on his birthday, last year 2021. This was disclosed by Shane Dalling. Efforts to get a response from Chief Currie was unsuccessful up to press time. We got no answer from cell calls made to him.

Gun Statistics in Jamaica

It is estimated that some 45, 000 individuals have legal gun permits in Jamaica. It is estimated that 156, 000 legal firearms have been issued to the public. Source is Shane Dalling.

In a most shocking declaration by Mr. Shane Dalling. He said inter alia:

“Persons with legal firearms are the greatest threat to Jamaica’s national security.”.

Dalling has also labelled the situation at the FLA.

“As a cesspool.”


The above revelation of corruption is not new, and has been rumoured over the years, but it is the first time that anyone from the FLA has come out and said anything so directly. This is therefore a bombshell exposure and is sending shock waves throughout the country. Dalling has been accorded close personal security protection as it is perceived that his life is under threat.

“I find Dennis Meadows’ alleged accusations of me as laughable”

So stated a strident FLA CEO.

This is likely the reason why Dalling has labeled the situation at the FLA as “A cesspool”. Wow!

New Firearms Act

A new Firearms Act is being debated in Parliament. Stiff penalties will be given for illegal possession of a firearm.

Peter Champaigne has raised concerns about proposed new firearms act. He agrees there is need for increased penalties, but feels that there needs to be provisions for mitigating factors to be built in this new act. Also the appointment of the FLA board should be broaded to ask the Opposition to assist with such appointments. Section 54 needs review, the senior attorney has stated. He warns against miscarriage of justice. DNA act needs to be utilized more. INDECOM has forensic capabilities.

Dennis Meadows

Dennis Meadows, former Vice Chair of the FLA, has denied any wrongdoing. He has also threatened legal action for alleged damage to his character? He has been fingered as being part of the alleged corruption at the FLA. He signed many applications that he was a part of said committee which had previously rejected such applications. Meadows’ perceived misconduct, if true … would have left much to be desired. Was he corrupt? You be the judge.

“Nothing will stop me from cleaning up corruption at the FLA”

So declared Shane Dalling., CEO FLA.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie, a poet, elegist, author, and senior international journalist who writes for Vision newspaper.

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