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Dieunedort Ministries International Deliver 2nd Leadership training at Phandulwazi

July 3, 2023 | By Thandisizwe Mgudlwa |

CAPE TOWN; South Africa — The globally recognized Dieunedort Ministries International this past Saturday successfully organized the second Leadership training in Langa, Cape Town.

Hosted by Phandulwazi Educational & Development Centre, the workshop was conducted by the esteemed leader, Pastor David Long of the Friend of God Church.

Dieunedort Ministries International Deliver 2nd Leadership training at Phandulwazi

A former Prison Warder, Pastor Long as Guest Speaker focused his lesson on defining: The Life-giving Leader.

He started out with the message that his passion is the home/family. According to Pastor Long the Church as we know it today, came from the family.

Pastor Long latter added during the 1-on-1 session,” Covid-19 presented the an opportunity for the ‘Family Church’ to grow.”

In breaking down what The Life-giving Leader is, Pastor Long stated that life is not smooth as leader. It has ups and downs.

“In your life as a leader there are many voices like fear, but you always have to turn to God for help,” said Pastor Long.

With participants engaging Pastor Long, the class came up with various views on what The Life-giving Leader is, like:

The Life-giving Leader is a King; and here a Queen can be added as well.

The Life-giving Leader is a Healer.

The Life-giving Leader is a Helper.

The Life-giving Leader is a Protector.

The Life-giving Leader Unites.

The Life-giving Leader is prepared to lay down his/her own life for his sheep.

The Life-giving Leader is is a Provider.

The Life-giving Leader is a Coach/Mentor.

The Life-giving Leader is a Teacher.

The Life-giving Leader is a Peace Maker.

Pastor Long also noted that the success of a tree is to produce fruit and trees, to cause other trees to multiply.

“God is a tree & we are branches of the tree,” said the great Pastor, “We as branches depend on the tree. The tree is Christ. Just like branches we must depend on Christ.”

In another session class defined who is a leader.

The participants with Pastor Long noted that there are different leaders with different roles.

“There are different leaders, some lead people the wrong way, others lead people the write way,” added Pastor Long.

The participants then joined in with diverse definitions like leaders come as Parents; Uncles/Aunts; Prison Wardens, Cashier/Staff at Shops, Employee/Employer; Neighbours, Family, Co-Workers among others.

Pastor Long further commented: “You can’t love people, if you don’t love God. To love people is to do good works.”

In addition, “In the life of a ‘Worldly’ leader the centre is the ‘Self’. But The Life-giving Leader the centre of his/her life is God and serving the people,” said Pastor Long.

Pastor Long continued, he said the reason there are so many prisoners is because of broken families.

Founder of Dieunedort Ministries International, Bishop Dieunedort explained: “We are organising the Leadership trainings and inviting the leaders (Guest Speakers) to help people to unlock the gifts God has given them.”

Furthermore, Dieunedort Ministries International runs classes from Mondays to Fridays at Phandulwazi Centre in Langa, Cape Town 5pm – 7pm.

Mondays are for Foundation classes; Tuesdays for Business and Finance, Wednesdays for Marriages, Thursdays for Deliverance & Fridays for Prophesy.

And every first Saturday of the month are for Leadership training from 10am, with Sunday for normal church service 2pm to 5pm all hosted at Phandulwazi Centre, in Langa, Cape Town.

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