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Dove Men+Care is Supporting Dads this Father’s Day and Beyond

Dove Men+Care is celebrating caring dads and providing helpful resources including curated meditations with Headspace, the #DadsCare How To series and a new children’s book, ‘Dads (They Care A Lot).’

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J.June 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — We’ve come a long way through the years in addressing and dismantling the barriers that hold fathers back from being their most caring selves. We know that care has a transformative effect not only on dads themselves, but also their partner and everyone around them. That is why this Father’s Day, Dove Men+Care is continuing our support for dads by providing them and their families with resources to be their most caring selves.

Research commissioned by Dove Men+Care in partnership with Promundo-US reveals:

  • Practicing a holistic care regimen – taking care of their physical and mental health and maintaining supportive friendships – helps men show up more effectively in their relationships. Men who report feeling more of this balance in their lives are nearly 2x more likely to report doing household work equally with their spouse/partners, and 58% of men who meditate every day report sharing household work with their spouses/partners equally.1
  • This impacts the next generation, too. When sons see their fathers engaged as full partners in domestic care and work, they are 1.5x more likely to contribute their fair share of unpaid care work within the household. When daughters see their fathers equally engaged in domestic care work, they are more likely to work outside the home and pursue occupations that transcend gender stereotypes.2

Dove Men+Care has curated a collection of resources and tools to both celebrate fatherhood and to help dads in caring for those around them:

  • Partnership with Headspace: To help men incorporate mindfulness practices into a holistic care regimen, Dove Men+Care and Headspace have partnered to create a curated collection of meditations that includes themes of Radical Self-Care, Compassionate Parenting, Letting Go of Work and more. With the purchase of any Dove Men+Care product from June 1, 2021 to August 31, 2021, anyone can upload their receipt to for a free 3-month Headspace Plus trial. Dove Men+Care aims to strengthen the care that men show for themselves and their families this Father’s Day and beyond by encouraging dads to practice meditation and mindfulness.
  • #DadsCare How To: This first-of-its-kind YouTube video series is created for dads, by dads who share their real experiences and advice for other fathers on navigating all stages of the fatherhood journey.
  • Dads (They Care A Lot)In collaboration with author and illustrator Keith Negley, Dove Men+Care released a book to help dads turn story time into a moment for the positive message of care for one’s self and one’s family. The brand and Negley also created a film to encourage dads to reset and recharge over story time with their loved ones.

“This year has been especially challenging for families and caregivers as they have been navigating the balance of work, home and other responsibilities,” said Carlos Gil, Global Brand Vice President of Dove Men+Care. “We know how important a dad’s care is, and the transformational effect that care has on everyone around him. That is why this Father’s Day, we hope to not only celebrate caring dads, but more importantly support them with valuable tools to better care for themselves and those around them.”

Dove Men+Care celebrates the power of a father’s care this Father’s Day, and every day. To learn more about the ways Dove Men+Care cares for dads and their families, please visit

SOURCE Dove Men+Care

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