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Elephant Man about his smash hit with Lady Saw

June 6, 2012 | by Deana Myers |

Undoubtedly two of Jamaica’s finest dancehall artistes: the Queen of the Dancehall Lady Saw and the Energy God Elephant Man have joined forces in presenting one of the hottest songs heading into the summer. 
Titled ‘Siddung’ the collaboration has been taking over the airwaves with it’s latest ranking at #1 on the CVM TV hit list and #2 on the FIWI Choice top then chart in Jamaica which is streamed across Africa, US, Caribbean and some parts of Europe.
The mastermind behind this smashing hit, Elephant Man, gives thanks to God for the collaboration as for him it is a dream come true to have worked with the Queen of the Dancehall. The song is produced by Chester Walker of Very Huge Records and Q45 Production. The riddim was provided by Jazzwad.
With her raunchy lyrics Mumma Saw manages to stay on track as she rides the riddim. Though being quiet for a while Saw showed everyone why she is the Queen of Dancehall.  With current songs such as Mi Like Mi Mate, Two Man Mi Have, Yuh Man Mi A Look and Mi Train Yuh Man on the schoolbag riddim, she has proven that she is the Queen and regardless of her age she is still the best female in the business.
Heading into the summer it looks promising for both artistes, as the Energy God has been dominating the top radio stations. ‘DASH WATA’ is ripping through the homes of dancehall fans and the video is set to be released in a few weeks.
How was it working with the queen of the dancehall?
It’s a honour to work with the Queen and a dream come through for me, good experience I would say.
How did the Siddung song came about?
I wrote the lyrics, built the riddim, called lady Saw and when she listened to the song she liked it and from there the hit was made.
What words do you have for upcoming and young artistes in the business?
Love God, stay far from trouble, don’t do drugs, love your parents and your family and most of all work hard and stay true to yourself.
 All your performances on stage generate a high level of energy where does this come from?
It’s a natural thing. It is an inborn concept as well as the fans who love and support my music give me the energy each time I touch the stage to give back to them the love and support.
What’s next for Elephant Man?
I’m looking forward to making the video for
Dash Wata which will be crazy, as well as upcoming shows in New York in a couple of weeks and putting out more good music.
In spite of the negative press you have been having what do you have to say to the fans, the ones who are embracing the Energy God and continue to support your music?
Elephant is a God Fearing person continue to support the music. There will always be negative press out there. Persons who bad mind the hard work just continue to give Elephant the support: Good over Evil
What is it with Elephant Man that the draws the opposite sex to you?
The anaconda lol… I guess the sense of humour. Elephant is God blessed so I guess the females are drawn to the love inside.

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