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Fully Bright Makes it To A Ray of Hope

July 7, 2023 | By Supa Pea |

The Fully Bright initiative, started by Afrobeat/ dancehall deejay Dr. Garth “Shaka Pow,” McDonald, was recently crowned, A Ray of Hope.  This, a Television Jamaica (TVJ) series which highlights outstanding individuals/organizations making a positive impact in the country.

Action at Hope Valley Experimental Primary and Infant school began with their devotional exercise. Principal of the institution, Mr. Michael Francis brought class to the forefront with some excellent cultural songs which had students buzzing.

Dr. Garth McDonald brought his usual motivational speech, with over 30 student fully participating. They answered intelligently, impromptu questions which required interpretation and delivery.

The Outfytt Boss moved into his Fully Bright song, joined by Fully Bright dancers, Wassdemm and Anna K .

Students were on point delivering items surrounding the Fully Bright theme. Then, the proceedings climaxed with it’s Fully Bright dance challenge .

Several students received Fully Bright certificates for various disciplines. These include academic prowess, being courteous and kind.

The dynamic trio, Kuzikk, performed a medley of well received songs.

The Fully Bright team has hit just over 20 schools, with its mandate to make Jamaica a Fully Bright nation.

The Fully Bright Initiative endorsed by the Ministry of Education, Jamaica, was recently on regional Caribbean news, in addition to vibrant publicity in Europe, parts of US. and Canada.

Supa Pea

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