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G4S takes T&T’s safety to the next level with cutting edge technology

P.O.S. Trinidad (Sonique Solutions) The current climate in Trinidad and Tobago is one where rising crime rates and the topics of residential and commercial security have become a major priority in the minds and lives of citizens from all walks of life.

G4S Secure Solutions (Trinidad) Limited and media and marketing company Fu Family Films International have combined forces to offer a solution with the launch of Smart Security.

Smart Security brings forth a progressive approach to combatting potential threats to one’s real estate. Utilizing modern-day hardware and state-of-the-art applications, citizens now have a security option which allows them to monitor, protect and automate their homes and or businesses in a most convenient way.

From the comfort of their phones Trinbagonians will now have remote access to their homes from virtually anywhere in the world with features such as the opportunity to watch live video streams or recorded clips of any motion or activity that occurs while away, the ability to turn the lights on/off and adjust the temperatures at their properties and the power to lock/unlock their doors with the touch of a button.

Likewise, business owners can stay on top of the occurrences at their single or multiple locations with the stroke of a smartphone screen. The benefits of Smart Security to owners and managers include visual verification of the day to day business operations and customer service, employee access management, real time notifications to see if the business is opening or closing on time and reduction in energy bills through smart automation.

G4S, headed by Managing Director James Devers and Operations Manager Dennis Gordon is the world’s leading global Security Solutions Group. The company provides a full range of risk management & protection services as well as designs and manages solutions to address the security challenges faced by a broad range of customers locally and internationally.

Fu Family Films International under the supervision of Kezel Jackson Cruickshank takes a holistic approach to marketing and has provided graphic, animation, video and commercial production, sales & distribution services for top regional retail and corporate entities.

It will assist G4S in making these safety solutions available to the many concerned residents and businesspersons of T&T.

Most notably, both organizations are committed to this Smart Security initiative as it not only gives citizens an ability to fight back against crime but it restores power, safety and control in the hands of the nation’s diligent and industrious people.

To learn more about the G4S ‘Smart Security’ solutions for residential and commercial properties,

please call APP-4G4S (277-4447) visit: www.g4s.co.tt/

For further updates on this ground-breaking safety technology, follow the G4S on Facebook via: www.facebook.com/g4stt/

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