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Ginjah strikes the right notes with ‘Sweet Killer’

GinjahReggae singer Valentine Nakrumah Fraser aka Ginjah is currently making waves on the local musicscene with his controversial single, ‘Sweet Killer’.

The song, which was recorded on Silly Walks Discotheque’s Honey Pot rhythm, is currently one of the hottest songs in Jamaica.

Several top jocks such as Big A, Ron Muschette, Digital Chris, GT Taylor, Elise Kelly, DJ Amber, Rodrick Howell, Garfield Hamilton, Dalton Leith, Kenneth Reid, Kurt Riley, Arif Cooper and ZJ Liquid have included Sweet Killer in their playlist.

Ginjah is determined to capitalise on the success of Sweet Killer in order to take his career to the next level.

“In the past, I was not able to make full use of the opportunities that came with my other hits, but this time around things will be different. I am working with a serious team that is dedicated to building my career and push me to higher levels in the business. So we are doing everything to make sure that Ginjah becomes a household name in the reggae music industry globally,” he said.

Ginjah said he was inspired to write Sweet Killer based on personal experiences.

“You know, as a man sometimes in life you come across a girl who appears to be very nice, she is the sweetest-looking girl, but she has a devil heart. Almost every man who is a real man can tell you they’ve had this experience. Well I’ve been through it, that is why I could come with a song like Sweet Killer,” he said.

Ginjah is currently in the US doing a promotional tour of the East Coast.

“Right now I am in California doing some promotional work, laying the groundwork for my upcoming album. I am also recording some tracks with Jungle Josh, he’s producing the album. So far we’ve been doing some very good work, I’m keeping busy, my schedule is hectic,” said the artiste.

Ginjah is also slated to perform as the opening act on the Shottas Reunion Tour, alongside Ky-Mani Marley and Spragga Benz in California.

“I am looking forward to performing alongside Ky-Mani and Spragga, it’s a good look, they are two very good artistes, top-of-the-pack acts.”

Ginjah’s past hits include Never Lost My Way, Quiet Place, and Music Alone.


By: Jamaica Star

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