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Perspective: Green Bay Massacre A Stain On JDF, Nova Scotia Massacre A Stain On RCMP?

May 4, 2020 | By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie |

We note PM Trudeau’s weapons ban in Canada and Scheer’s opposition.

Are there any similarities with the massacre of 22 in a bloody rampage two weekends ago in Nova Scotia, Canada and that in Jamaica at Green Bay in 1981?

The summary execution of innocent Jamaicans who were lured to a military firing range, bunched together, and fired on by soldiers who were prepositioned in a conspiracy to execute said men who were transported there in an alleged military ambulance with the pretext of offering them jobs was plain and simple cold-blooded murder in uniform.

Nova Scotia Massacre

This was the bloodiest massacre in the history of Canada … officially founded in 1874.

You may ask the obvious question what is the connection with this most recent massacre in Nova Scotia? The shooter had an obsession with being seen in a police uniform. He was wearing a Royal Mounted Canadian Police (RCMP) aka Mounties uniform in the early stages of the massacre. He even painted his car like a RCMP cruiser and had 3 other former police type cars at his place. This massacre ended with 22 dead so far. In analizing both incidents now known as massacres … those involved were cold- blooded murders in the Jamaican case, and a lone murderer/shooter in the Nova Scotia case. Also like the Green Bay incident they must have been meticulously planned and we know wirhout any doubt they were brutally executed. Innocent lives snuffed out in a targeted way. Some were randomly executed. We also know that two of the victims were stopped by the bogus/fake Mountie who shot them in cold blood. These hapless victims when stopped would not have suspected that it was not a bone fide law enforcement person stopping them. In a similar way the victims of the Green Bay Massacre had no reason to suspect that they were being taken as lambs to the slaughter by agents of the state. Who turned out to be murderers in uniform. How ironic the outcomes of both massacres as we all now know unfolded.

No Angels Died At Green Bay

Former Interior Minister in the Michael Manley cabinet who also had responsibility for National Security Hon. DudleyThompson remarked that “No angels died at Green Bay”. He was responding to outcry as it related to the cold-blooded murder by soldiers of about 8 innocent Jamaicans whose only crime was to be poor and who dared to be seeking for themselves a better life. It was this quest to seek a better life that made them easy target to be entised to go to Green Bay. In fact they were deceived/kidnapped and led to their deaths. It was the late Wilmot “Mutty” Perkins, an outstanding Talk Show Host who it is believed to be credited with this comment: “If no angels died at Green Bay, then those who plotted to execute them were no angels either.” It was a most profound comment. The hands of the soldiers are forever stained in blood. Dudley Thompson later apologized for that comment before he died.

JLP Stronghold Targeted …

Green Bay Massacre was Politically motivated …

Those targeted to be executed at Green Bay were drawn from a known Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) stronghold known as South Side. Allegations are those rounded up for execution were known JLP activists. This was a dark chapter in our political history.


This was a craftily organized plot allegedly executed by the Military Intelligence Unit (MIU) with then PM Michael Manley as chairman of the Defence Board … it was an act of desperation. Men and women who were sworn to honour and to serve with utmost integrity allowed themselves to be part of a conspiracy to commit cold-blooded murder. A shameful sleezy, scandallous, and stupid act indeed.

Sworn To Secrecy

This was an elite unit of our army. The MIU which was trained to carry out covert operations. They were not trained nor were ever expected to murder innocent citizens for whatever reason. This was a serious departure from military discipline. This act seriously damaged the squeeky clean image of men and women of varying ranks who allowed themselves to descend to the level of common criminals. Staining their character, and uniform indelibly.

Weapons Used in N.S.

We have been told by the RCMP that at least three weapons were used in the execution of the 22 murders in the he massacre in Nova Scotia. Two hand guns and a rifle. The make s and calibre were not disclosed by the RCMP. Two of the weapons were traced to inland Canada. The other was traced to the USA. Do bear in mind that slain Heidi Stevenson, the RCMP female officer’s side arm was taken off her dead body after she was executed by the fake police shooter. She rammed her cruiser in his car in an effort to stop him. He cruiser had no crash bar, his had. A gun battle then ensued and he shot her dead.

Green Bay

It is the failure of one of the high powered rifles or a deliberate act of defiance that allowed some of those to be executed that got away. Pictures were taken of the actual execution . It was these leaked pictures along with eyewitness accounts of escapees that led to criminal charges being brought against persons in uniform in the army.

The trial of the Suspects.

Ironically! It was the now husband of the Attorney General Hon. Ian Forte who was then the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). The case eventually fizzled and so cold-blooded murderers were granted nolle proseque aka called nolle pros for short by Ian Forte. None went to prison.

Major General Robert Neish was Cheif of Staff (CDS) of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) at the time. It would be instructive to know if the current CDS leuetenant General Rocky Meade and Major General Anthony Anderson retired and now Commissioner of Police were in the army at the time and if so what role if any did they play in the Green Bay Massacre?

Nova Scotia Massacre

The RCMP have serious questions to answer. What if they had alerted the citizenery of N.S. before? Would lives have been saved?
We await the trial or Coroner’s Inquest into the deaths of the 22 who were slaughtered in N. S. Will such an inquiry be held during my life time? Time will tell. Some 16 different crimes scenes must be processed before any court can sit to adjudicate. It will not be an overnight affair.

It was not an easy exercise to recall the events above. Now recorded we hope it will hopefully help to shed some light on these events or atrocities as they occured. History has to be written, whether pleasant or not.

This is our perspective. We hope these incidents will never again occur. Alas! We are not holding our breath.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is still haunted by the events of Green Bay. Many Novascoitians will carry the events of their Nova Scotia Massacre with them to their graves as “Memories don’t live people do” states the line of a popular song. He is also SIC for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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