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Hon. Jean Augustine, Hon. Donald H. Oliver Join Canadian Congress “DISMANTLING COLONIALISM, BUILDING COHESIVENESS” Event

January 13 2022 | Sasha Stoltz |

Toronto, ON — The Canadian Congress is bringing over a thousand people together to launch a national campaign that will empower people and organizations to dismantle colonialism in their policies, systems and culture, starting with a two-day virtual program, DISMANTLING COLONIALISM, BUILDING COHESIVENESS”. The launch of the campaign will take place in the second annual Canadian Congress scheduled on Thursday and Friday, January 20 & 21, 2022, between 8:30 am – 4:30 pm EST daily.   

The objective of this special two-day national program is to empower thousands of people across Canada and around the world to join the quest for social justice in their communities, corporations, institutions, and government.  Known for setting the theme and tone for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion projects and programs annually, the Canadian Congress is a nationally recognized platform, where high profile & experienced experts in community development and social justice advocacy, leverage their diverse lived corporate experiences and academic qualifications to help eliminate racism, discrimination and harassment in Canada.  

The Canadian Congress online program will feature over fifty prolific speakers from the world of academics, science, history, business, community leaders, government, youth leaders & medicine. Speakers will educate and empower people worldwide, offering strategic tools and techniques to identify and dismantle colonial mentality, processes, culture, and systems.  Speakers include the Hon. Jean Augustine, the first black woman member of the parliament of Canada, former Senator, Hon. Donald H. Oliver CM ONS QCthe first black man to sit in the Senate,  Dr. Wendy Cukier, the founder and Academic Director of Ryerson Universitys Diversity Institute,  Ahmed El-Awadi, the CEO of Swimming Canada, Steve Anderson, the Deputy Mayor of Shelburne, Pauline Christian, Immediate Past President, Black Business & Professional Association (BBPA) and CEO/President of Best Lifestyle Residence Inc, and Tonya Williams, Founder/Executive Director of Reelworld Film Festival and Institute.  Included in the program are performances by award-winning Poet & Scarborough Walk of Fame inductee Dwayne Morgan & international recording artist Marie Hui. 

“For far too long, many people have been trying to ‘fix’ the system to ensure social justice for the people who are racialized, minoritized or marginalized. But it is time we recognize that many of these systems we are up against – whether in the education, judicial, corporate, healthcare, sports, media and every other aspect of the society – are not broken but functioning as designed, which is to be exclusive instead of inclusive. Therefore, if we desire equity and sustainable cohesiveness, we must learn to identify how to dismantle colonialism in our policies, systems and culture and rebuild them with equality and equity in mind. This is what will create the lasting changes we all desire in the world today and the unity in diversity we all desire.” 

~Alex Ihama, Executive Director, Canadian Congress on Inclusive Diversity and Workplace Equity, Toronto, Canada.

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