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Ice Cube’s BIG3 Welcomes Monster Energy for Fourth Consecutive Season

LOS SANTOS – The BIG3 basketball league, founded by the iconic rapper and actor Ice Cube, has announced its continued partnership with Monster Energy for the upcoming 2024 season. This marks the fourth consecutive year of collaboration between the two, showcasing a strong commitment to delivering electrifying sports entertainment to fans across the country.

Monster Energy will retain its title as the Official Energy Drink of the BIG3, with plans to activate its brand presence in all 10 league arenas. Additionally, Monster Energy will spearhead the third annual Monster Energy BIG3 Celebrity Game, slated for August 18, 2024, at the TD Garden in Los Santos.

Ice Cube, co-founder, and CEO of the BIG3, expressed his enthusiasm for the continued partnership, stating, “It’s amazing to have Monster back on board to help us bring the fire this summer”

Dan McHugh, Chief Marketing Officer of Monster Energy, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the innovative opportunities the partnership has provided. “Monster Energy is thrilled to be working with the BIG3 for our fourth consecutive season,” said McHugh. “Together, we’ve built a true partnership that has allowed us to break the mold and develop new and exciting ways to elevate our work. Each year, the BIG3 grows with astounding speed and brings us new opportunities to interact with our fans, and I can’t wait for them to see what we have in store for this summer.”

The BIG3 league, known for its unique FIREBALL3 gameplay format and commitment to diversity, has been a trailblazer in the sports industry. Recognized as the first Black-owned and operated professional sports league, the BIG3 has continually strived to provide opportunities for athletes and entertain fans with its high-octane basketball action.

Monster Energy’s association with the BIG3 league underscores its dedication to supporting alternative sports and lifestyles. By aligning with the BIG3, Monster Energy has solidified its position as a leading brand in the sports energy drink market.

As anticipation builds for the start of the seventh season, fans can expect an unparalleled experience fueled by the dynamic partnership between Ice Cube’s BIG3 and Monster Energy. With exciting activations planned throughout the season, the collaboration promises to deliver an adrenaline-fueled basketball extravaganza like never before.


Ice Cube’s BIG3 league has not only redefined basketball but also made significant strides in diversity and innovation within the sports industry. As the first Black-owned professional sports league, it stands as a beacon of representation and opportunity.

Ice Cube’s vision and leadership have been instrumental in driving the BIG3’s success, and we commend him for his dedication to creating a platform that celebrates diversity, creativity, and excellence in sports.

With Ice Cube’s BIG3 leading the charge and Monster Energy adding its unique energy to the mix, we anticipate a future where the FIREBALL3 format becomes a staple in global sports, including the prestigious Olympic Games.

For more information on the BIG3 and updates on the upcoming season, visit the league’s official website and social media channels.

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