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Jah Malo Promoting New Single

August 17, 2020 | By Nackesha Doyley |

One of the newest artistes on the scene, Jah Malo, is ready to take the world by storm with his latest single “That’s A Trap”.

The single was produced by Minto of Minto Pierre Records and was released on July 15, 2020. “That’s A Trap” has been gaining traction in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean, Brooklyn, New York, and Florida.

“The song is doing great and has been very well received by the Masses. Thus far the feedback of the single has been great and overwhelming at the same time, it’s getting lots a love on social media and radio waves in Jamaica. The fans loving it and they patiently waiting for the music video, and not to mention the remix coming soon featuring a major big artiste” said Jah Malo.

Other Projects

Jah Malo has been putting in a lot of work in the studio to put out more hits for his fans. The upcoming artiste is currently putting together his EP and “That’s A Trap” is the first single from the EP. More information on the EP will be revealed to his fans very soon.

“I’m creating a new sound that all audience can vibe and relate to and I called it the New Wave Sound and that’s what inspired my new Ep. I personally feel like the wider musical market can understand and relate to a more proper grammar English language, they already love our Jamaican accent but if they can understand more of our lyrics then it should be a bigger platform for our music. So being a reggae/dancehall artiste I try to sing in a more proper grammar but with my accent and uses more of a trap type beats as instrumentals and that’s what the New Wave sound and Ep is all about” said the artiste.

Jah Malo promises better, wholesome music for his fans and urges everyone to look out for the name.

Nackesha Doyley is a Public Relations Manager for M.I.A Production

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