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Jah Wellness Workshop at Toronto’s 30th RastaFest Celebration

Toronto, August 8, 2023 – Dive into a transformative blend of wellness, culture, and education at the “Jah Wellness” Workshop, a highlight of Toronto’s 30th RastaFest Celebration! 

Toronto readies itself to pulsate with the vivacious spirit of Rastafari culture through the much-awaited “Jah Wellness” Workshop. Presented by DiversityTalk and GreenPort, in collaboration with RastaFest and the Ontario Cannabis Store, this event promises an enriching journey marking three decades of RastaFest. 

Scheduled for Thursday, August 17th, from 2:00 – 10:00 pm, the “Jah Wellness” Workshop invites attendees to delve deep into the teachings and traditions of Rastafari culture. With guidance from experts, Rastas, and community leaders, participants will explore topics ranging from herbalism and meditation to nutrition and drumming. 

Ika Washington of DiversityTalk stated, “Jah Wellness is a testament to our commitment to endorsing natural healing, spiritual growth, and overall well-being. We encourage the community to partake in spirited dialogues, connect with kindred spirits, and immerse themselves in a transformative experience.” 

Jah Wellness boasts a dual program — day and evening. The daytime segment is open to all age groups, providing a space for attendees to engage with Rastafari rituals, partake in enlightening conversations, and appreciate vibrant African and Rastafari-centric art. Highlights of the day include an “Art of Crochet” workshop led by local designer Legin Knits, live poetry, musical acts, and a guided meditation session. 

As dusk approaches, the evening agenda, crafted for an adult audience, delves deeper, focusing on the intricate ties between cannabis, Rastafari culture, and the expansive cannabis industry. Discussions will center on current industry trends and the hurdles encountered by the Rasta communities, both locally and internationally, due to cannabis regulation. 

Prominent features of the event include enlightening talks by esteemed Rasta elders and leaders, covering RastaFest’s history, the evolution of Rasta culture, and the societal repercussions of cannabis-related arrests. Notable speakers include ‘First Man’, a venerated Rasta Elder from Jamaica’s Rastafari Indigenous Village, and David Lobo, the President and CEO of the Ontario Cannabis Store. 

Panel discussions, such as “The Impact of Rasta Culture” and “The Future of the Canadian Cannabis Industry”, are set to spark deep conversations around pertinent issues and emerging opportunities. 

Situated at the Nia Centre for the Arts, Toronto’s beacon for Afro-Diaspora arts, the workshop is a combined effort by DiversityTalk, a renowned health and social development consultancy, and GreenPort, Toronto’s trailblazing Black-owned cannabis venture. With the support of the Ontario Cannabis Store as an Educational Partner, this venture promises a comprehensive delve into Rastafari culture and well-being. 

Vivianne Wilson, Founder of GreenPort, expressed, “We’re thrilled to join hands with RastaFest’s Jah Wellness. Our aim is to enlighten and cultivate a deeper understanding of our culture’s nuances and the cannabis industry. Let’s craft an enlightening realm that strengthens and uplifts our community.” 

The Jah Wellness Workshop is more than an event; it’s a movement. Come, learn, share, and evolve with us.

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