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Jamaica Moves 74 Places up on the Global Energy Index

Jamaica has moved 74 places up on the World Economic Forum’s Global Energy Architecture Performance Index.

Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, says the country’s ranking improved from 166 to 92 for 2017.

The report analyses countries’ transition towards more affordable, secure and sustainable energy systems.

Mr Holness said Jamaica’s improved ranking placed it among the 127 countries making significant strides in energy sector performance since 2009.

He was speaking at the official ground breaking ceremony for the construction of a US$330 million 190 megawatt (mw) power plant, dubbed the Renaissance Project, at Old Harbour Bay in St. Catherine, on April 7.

Meanwhile, Mr Holness said the Government continues to take steps to increase and diversify the ratio of renewable options incorporated into Jamaica’s energy mix as part of the undertaking to drive greater economic growth.

“For our economy to grow, we have to be not just energy sufficient, but energy efficient,” he said.

The Prime Minister assured that the Government was mindful of the environmental impact associated with the energy sector, and was working to ensure that the choices made were supportive of the environment.

In the meantime, Mr Holness has called for increased investments in the sector.

He indicated a desire to see greater utilization of liquefied natural gas (LNG), hydropower, solar energy and wind.

Mr Holness said the Government was conducting an analysis of Jamaica’s energy demands to chart a course for increased utilization of renewables.

“I am hoping that when that is complete, we will have a better roadmap of actually how much renewable energy we can incorporate into our energy mix,” he said.

The Renaissance Project, which will significantly underpin the administration’s thrust for fuel diversification in Jamaica, will see 292 MW of obsolete power generation equipment at Old Harbor Bay being replaced with new efficient natural gas-fired generating capacity.

The new environmentally-friendly facility, being built at the old Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) power plant, will utilize technology that facilitates renewable energy integration.

The project aims to assist in reducing Jamaica’s dependence on oil, and provide cleaner energy for the country.

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