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Jamaican born Third World Don headlines “Certified Gold” Album

September 7, 2022 | By Supa Pea |

Jamaican born US based singer, rapper and record producer, Third World Don, is the headliner for Michael “Beatbopper” Hudgins album titled, “Certified Gold.”

According to Hudgins, “Third World Don gets the nod over two Ghanaians one being Epixode, who did a fine job on marketing Miungu Ya Muziki. That album secured four #1 spots on Amazon’s international charts, including, Best New Released Album.

Certified Gold Album Cover

“However, Third World Don’s name draws a lot of attention for several reasons. One is being his image of leadership. He is from the land of reggae music (Jamaica), which the great Bob Marley and other stars belongs.”

Born Michael Anthony Barnett, a former member of the music group Wizard Sleeve (2005-2012), is known for hit song Riverside (Let’s Go!) released by Datio Records in 2018. This single entered No. 2 on UK and Ireland charts and is noted for one of BBC Radio 1’s top 40 singles.

“Miungu Ya Muziki album missed out on billboard charting by a nose, if one is referring to horse-racing.  Now, I am not only concentrating on Billboard status for Certified but a Grammy nomination.”

Third World Don has three songs on the album. They are “Belong To The Streets” “Prayer” and “Jump Out The Gym”.

The full slate of songs are:

  1. Stone Love( Kxng Izam, Blvk H3ro)
  2. Jejeliving (Jahonze)
  3. Tropic Night( Floy Dexx)
  4. Nuh Need Yuh( Talis, Uplift)
  5. Belong To The Streets(Third World Don, Vision Alexander)
  6. Limbo(Uplift, Talis)
  7. First Place Diamond(Trexo Line Star)
  8. Home In The Summer(Jayel More, Fred    the Godson, Snyp Life, D-Block )
  9. Prayer( Third World Don)
  10. Be like This (Lahjihkal)
  11. Pioneer(Maestro Don, Bounty Killer)
  12. Way up(Coqui Da Cure, Johnny Toma
  13. Jump Out The Gym(Beatbopper, Third World Don, Gucci Mane)
  14. Gone( Optimus, African Boyce).
  15. Lucious(CPF)

Part proceeds from the album will go towards fatherless children in Spanish Town. Three students, a four year-old attending preparatory school; a 14 year-old high school student and the third attending an adult institution each received fifteen thousand dollars to help with back-to-school items.

To purchase one can go on any digital platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and download. Cost is US$ 10.99

Supa Pea

Supa Pea is an award winning entertainment reporter with Vision Newspaper. Reach Supa Pea at

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