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Kiprich is known to be one of the most lyrical artistes in the dancehall business. He never fails to prove this sentiment at live shows, much to the delight of the patrons. Born in Waterhouse, Kingston/Jamaica, Marlon Plunkett aka Kiprich aka Kippo, blasted the main stream in 1999 with ‘Leggo Di Bwoy’.
Following with hits such as ‘Mad Sick Head Nuh Good’, ‘Real Badman’ and ‘Telephone Ting’, which maintained one of the longest presences on the dancehall chart in Jamaica and elsewhere, his songs left many people wondering: who is this dynamic and comical artiste with a taste of lyrics that transcend beyond many barriers?
At the 2012 staging of Sting, Kiprich was crowned the new King of Clash. He reaffirmed his title as one of the most versatile clashing artistes at this years Sumfest in July, when Kiprich performed a set that will remain in the minds of the people for a long time.
Kiprich recently showed a very different side to him, releasing a one drop song ‘Love Chain’, stating that he is not only a clash artiste.

Vision caught up with Nuh Behaviour!

Explain your tagline ‘nuh behaviour’!
‘Nuh behaviour’ is nothing negative, it’s just a vibe meaning that you are an outspoken person and whenever the time comes you speak out.

Talking about being outspoken: do you plan your performances?
To tell you the truth, most of the time when you rehearse for a performance it never goes as planned. You just have to be spontaneous and keep an open mind. There is no rehearsal in this thing as you never know what your opponent is coming with. I build lyrics on the spot as I listen and respond.

How does it feel being victorious in lyrically killing another artiste?
It feels good yuh know. Sting, for instance, is a big stage and you just have to go out and represent as the people expect much from you.

If you had a chance to clash Vybz Kartel, would you take him on and do you think that he could win?
In any clash it’s about focus no matter who you are clashing. I can’t say yes I will win because you never know what the opponent is coming with. If the Teacher said clash me, I would be ready. It would be a nice show however, I would never pick a war.

Who influenced your decision to become an artiste?
I grew up on Bounty Killer, Beenie Man, Shabba Ranks and the likes. I generated energy from watching and listening to these artistes telling myself that I can do this.

Many fans are not accustomed to Kiprich singing songs like ‘Love Chain’. Will there be more?
Right now I’m recording more reggae one drop songs because I’m a versatile reggae artist not only a dancehall artiste.

What are your future plans ?
I want to be more involved in the business aspect of the music, having my own record label and finding new talent so that the music journey continues.

How did growing up down town (Waterhouse) impact your life and what advice do you have for the youths that grow up in similar communities – speaking in regards to the crime factor.
Coming from the garrison you just have to hold your head up high. There are many temptations but you have to choose a route to balance yourself to stay on the right track. Set a mind of your own, that way no one can program you.
This is what helped me to be who I am – positive thinking. A lot of youth can do the same, that is why I don’t leave the garrison. I go back to help these youths, talk to them, show them that there’s hope. What the youths need is exposure, moving away from the zinc fence and the everyday sights and see life. My advice to them is stay focused in what you are doing, believe in God and let no one tell you, you can’t.
A little in your business … are you single, any children?
I’m not married. I have three daughters and I live for them everyday.

Speak to the fans.
I want to say thanks to all the fans who have supported me and I really appreciate the support for dancehall and reggae on a whole. Kippo love – unuh kuff dem! Nuh behaviour!

by Deana Myers

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