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Kirk Diamond and Finn Clinch Back-to-Back Juno Wins for “DREAD” Album

Canadian Reggae Sensation Continues to Make Waves in Music Scene

In a resounding triumph for Canadian reggae, Kirk Diamond and collaborator Finn secured their second consecutive Juno win for Reggae Recording of the Year last Saturday with their album “DREAD”. This remarkable achievement marks a significant milestone in Diamond’s career, solidifying his status as a leading figure in the genre.

“DREAD”, a 12-track album described as a tribute to the golden era of reggae, boasts a unique blend of rub-a-dub, dancehall, and traditional reggae sounds. The album’s intricate production by Finn, though rugged, exudes warmth, creating a sonic experience that captivates listeners from start to finish.

In an interview following the win, Diamond expressed the album’s thematic essence, stating, “the title of the album is what we wanted it to sound like, Dread. Rugged and hardcore with high-caliber lyricism intertwined with the spirit of Reggae Culture.”

The success of “DREAD” is not limited to its critical acclaim; it also serves as a testament to Diamond’s commitment to pushing Canadian reggae into the mainstream. Standout tracks like “Reggae Party” and “Bring it Good” have garnered attention, propelling Diamond towards his goal of elevating the genre on a global scale.

Diamond’s achievements extend beyond his musical endeavors. His contributions to Canadian culture were recognized in 2022 when the City of Brampton honored him by naming a park after him, acknowledging his profound impact on the reggae community in Canada.

During his acceptance speech at the Juno Awards, Diamond expressed gratitude to his collaborators, including Tiffanie Malvo, Lord Fury, Tishy, Kairo, and his band, The Movement of Ahryel. He also thanked Rory and Kimberlee from his management team for their support.

Finn, echoing Diamond’s sentiments, emphasized the importance of preserving reggae music’s legacy, proclaiming, “long live reggae music.”

The celebration continued as Diamond and Finn were greeted with the sounds of “Dread At The Kontrol” playing as they made their way to the stage. The track’s message, depicting the resurgence of authentic reggae amidst commercial influences, resonated with fans and critics alike.

Adding to the accolades, songs from the album were featured in the hit Canadian–Jamaican drama film “When Morning Comes,” further cementing Diamond’s influence beyond the music industry.

Looking ahead, Kirk Diamond is set to headline The Rose main stage in November, a testament to his growing prominence in the industry. With his unwavering dedication and visionary approach to music, Diamond’s influence on Canadian reggae shows no signs of waning, promising a bright future for the genre and its artists.

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