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Samantha J hits MTV Buzzworthy – Singer’s music video to air today


Many Jamaican artistes dream of appearing on international TV stations during their music careers. But at only 16 years old and with only her debut single, singer Samantha J is already realising her dream.

The music video for Samantha J’s debut song, Tight Up Skirt, which was produced by Washroom Entertainment, will be premiered today (October 1) on MTV Buzzworthy, and she is extremely excited about the achievement.

“I feel great. I feel like I have accomplished my dream already. I am appreciative of this because not a lot of people get this opportunity,” she told THE STAR.

She says the music video for the dancehall-pop song is somewhat similar to Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time, with girls dressed in school uniforms. However, she said it differs from Spears’ video in terms of the scenery.

“It is a big push for my career and Jamaica as well. It is an honour to represent the country on this level,” she said, noting that her schoolmates are excited about the success of the song.

With the song debuting online little over a month ago and the video appearing on MTV soon, many might say things are moving fast for the youngster. However, Samantha J, who attends school in Montego Bay, does not believe this is the case.

“MTV is one of my favourite channels, so just to know that I get here so fast, I feel special. Everything is happening really fast, but not too fast. I just have to stay in control and stay on top of my game,” Samantha J said.

But there are other things in the pipeline for her, as in the coming weeks Tight Up Skirt will also be featured on VH1’s new weekly series – Chrissy and Mr Jones, which is about the lives of rapper Jim Jones and his female companion Chrissy Lampkin.

In addition, Samantha J says she is working on her debut album and will release two new singles soon.


By: Sadeke Brooks, Staff Reporter – Jamaica Star

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