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Tosh Alexander – “Light It Up” (Official Music Video)

Kingston, Jamaica – Being named after the legendary Peter Tosh holds a spiritual weight for the namesake, and Tosh Alexander takes the honor to heart by conveying the spirit of their culture through music.

Although by all accounts the songstress is a novice, her resume boasts work with some of the biggest names in music such as Grammy winning Pharrel, Busta Rhymes and Sean Paul among others. This path can be mired with ups and downs, and as life imitates art, Tosh Alexander drew inspiration from a personal experience on her latest hit bound single “Light It Up“. “I wrote this song at a time I was feeling discouraged …. and I realize that there are times when it just takes that one spark to create a burning flame to light the way. For me I wanted to encourage others not to give up but instead fan their flames and be the spark that lights it up for others” explained Tosh.

Distributed by digital giants 21st Hapilos Digital, “Light It Up” was produced by popular media personality/producer Tricia “ZJ Sparks” Spence imprint label Twelve 9 Records and Loud City the single, with additional production by Blaq Sheep Music and Elf Beats.

“I had gone to an event where they featured a lot of young artist, and that night I hadn’t heard Tosh yet, but someone in industry told me that they had a friend who was managing this rising female artist, and they were impressed with some previous work i did with Grammy nominated dancehall artist Devin Di Dakta, thought we could do something together. We hooked up, I went to the studio with a song in mind, but as I was about to leave, Tosh manager asked me to listen to a track she had started working on but that was shelved. I was impressed and agreed to produce it, of course had to make many changes.. This is now one of my favorite songs.  I actually really love because it is so inspirational and motivational. we all have down days, days we feel we cant make it, go in a dark place. Most of us have experienced bullying. I know I have, so this song gives you the feeling to reclaim your fighting spirit deep within yourself.” – ZJ Sparks.

As the single gathers steam via social media and worldwide airwaves, “Light It Up” is now available on all major digital outlets to add to your music collection.

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