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Macka Diamond feels snubbed by Nicki Minaj

Kingston Jamaica Dancehall artiste Macka Diamond is somewhat confused as to why Rapper Nicki Minaj has not posted her entry into the Megatron Challenge. The Dancehall artiste weeks ago saw the Challenge being issued by Minaj on Instagram and was coaxed by friends to enter.

 She subsequently went into the studio and came up with the ‘Chat Chat Chat’ single, based on the Megatron single where Minaj also sampled Dancehall classic ‘Murder She Wrote’ by Chaka Demus and Pliers.

 Since posting her ‘Chat Chat Chat’ entry, numerous persons have been sharing and tagging the rapper and Nicki Minaj has even liked the post, however to date Minaj has not re-posted Macka’s entry.

 She has posted a lot of entries on her page and even went as far as liking my post on Instagram so I know she has seen it but maybe my entry was too good and made a lot of the other entries look bad so she hasn’t reposted me. That is the only explanation I can find,” Macka explained

 After submitting the “Chat Chat Chat” entry on Instagram Macka also heard than Minaj posted about being arrested in Jamaica as a negative experience after a performance. Macka feels this was Minaj’s way of letting Jamaicans know that she had no intention of highlighting their entries.

 Richie Feelings even posted that Jamaicans should realize Minaj isn’t going to recognize their entry and I agree with him. She had to find a way to explain why entries like mine weren’t being posted,” Macka added

 Macka believes this is a classic example of Rappers using our culture for their own gain but afraid of letting Jamaican artistes shine.

 If Nicki Minaj had a problem with Jamaica based on being arrested here, why sample a classic Dancehall song in the first place? She should sample a Soca song then and leave Jamaican music alone,” Macka retorted

 Macka has since released a viral video of the’ Chat Chat Chat’ single on her VEVO Channel. The clip was recorded in St Marteen by social media blogger Ziggy Chang while the artiste was there recently for a performance.

 Macka leaves the island at the end of the month for events in Seychelles and Mauritius Islands off the coast of South Africa, she is very excited to be returning to South Africa for these major Festivals and will be promoting her new singles ‘My Best Friend’ and ‘Chat Chat Chat’ there as well.


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