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‘Mi ready fi Ryno right now’ – Kiprich

War is once again in the air as defeated Sting champion KipRich says he is ready to go up against Ryno anytime, anywhere.

According to KipRich, Ryno does not appear comfortable in his skin with his winnings.

“Mi ready right now pon any neutral ground. Anytime, anywhere, mi ready,” Kiprich said.

Earlier this week, Ryno told THE WEEKEND STAR that he would ‘lyrically buss off’ Kiprich’s head at Sting 2014 and then hand over the championship belt to him.

“Mi nuh want nuh belt from nobody. Mek wi clash before Sting. Wha him a wait till so long for? Why him want to wait till December fi clash me? Mek we do it now. Just set the date and time and mi ready,” KipRich told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Since Sting, both artistes have released songs aimed at each other. Ryno released Reigning Champion andBaddest Ting for which KipRich followed up with Can’t Get Whe and No Man Banana.

all now mi nuh really war him

“It look like is a ongoing ting him a pree. Him do a song so my fans want to know what really a gwaan, suh mi end up haffi do back songs fi him too. It nah go so easy this time fi defeat me because all now, mi nuh really war him. Mi a laugh right through the clash because him a never really no challenge to me,” said KipRich.

He continued, “Whe di promoter dem tell me a nuh wha mi see happen. Dem tell mi say mi have seven people fi clash wid. Mi war momentum cut when Stein come pon the stage and say him nuh come fi clash me. Den mi see Ryno come and say a nuh dis him did come fah. So mi a say to myself say a must joke ting dis.”

With both artistes seemingly anxious to prove that they are the better lyricist, fans are anxiously awaiting a rematch.

“Since a deh so Ryno a tek it now, tell him mi ready right now. Nuh badda wait till Sting. Ask Ryno which lyrics him use and kill me. When mi lyrically kill people a Jam World, mi lyrics dem shot. Mi get interview from all overseas bout the lyrics. Ask him which lyrics him use kill me,” KipRich said.

“Mi nah tek whe him winnings and mi nah tek whe him glory. But mi see say you want a clash so mek we go do the real war now!!!.”



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