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Michael Lee Chin Led EGC Reports – Held over 50 Meetings To date

MICHAEL LEE-CHINThe Jamaican/Canadian billionaire, the Honourable Michael Lee Chin, OJ has reported to the media on the progress of his Economic Growth Council (EGC).

Chin said “some fifty meetings were held to canvass the views of all stakeholders and interested parties. The consultation was broad based according to the Chairman who also heads the large National Commercial Bank (NCB) Group.

The stagnation in the Jamaican economy as there was little or no growth … was the order of the day” according to Chin. To further support his claim, Chin said;

“In 1969 we were experiencing 11 percent growth.” It was on the 27th April 2016 the Council was established. We intend to grow the economy by 5 percent in 4 years. Make 5 in 4 possible …listening to, monitoring, reporting, sell and motivate. All of us have a role to play..the current inflation is low, energy price is down, we have the support of the multilateral . We think 5 in 4 is possible. He listed SBAJ, Jampro, Customs, Petro Carribe, Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions. We have a good perspective to date.

We are Jamaicans first, we need training, guidance , tools to do the job. This energized us. Business sector …Dr. king this is very conservative.

Conditions For

Stable economy and electricity,


If we could leave this meeting with a quarterly meeting with the opposition. What we heard … we got a successful meeting … the objective is a model EGC.


We want Jamaica to succeed

We just need to execute, execute, execute… declared the flamboyant outgoing, youthful looking billionaire as he concluded his press brief to journalists and a host of government officials.


The PM responded to concerns regarding the impact of looming corresponding banking crisis. Foreign banks are severing banking relations with local financial institutions especially commercial and other banks. The PM said we in Jamaica are playing by the rules.


Media Flop

Vision’s SIC was not allowed to ask any questions. This was unfortunate to say the least as we had concerns. This begs the question: Was the press briefing held for the media?

The Press Brief was chaired by Minister Daryl Vaz, MP for West Portland.

In my perspective the media needs to get more respect as it is my belief that we have a key role to play in the scheme of things. To see us otherwise would be short-sighted, indeed.

In the final analysis, as usual we say, the verdict is yours.

Vision wishes the Economic Growth Council (EGC) all the best … just work with us in the media for a unique partnership for success.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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