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Music Industry Insiders Pleasantly Surprised After Hearing Karamanti’s New Album

Though she is known as an outside the box lyricist, members of a focus group said they were not expecting what they heard after listening to  Karamanti‘s upcoming album, Hurt People. The record, which is all about inspiring and uplifting persons that have suffered from abuse and / or depression, will be released next week Tuesday, June 25th. The full album was sent to a select group of music industry insiders, including: producers, song writers, artists and media personalities. The general consensus from the group as a whole is that the record is very powerful and it goes way beyond music.

This will be Karamanti‘s second full studio album; the first being Dancehall Retaliates, which was released in 2013 and was nominated for Dancehall Album of the year by the WINS REGGAE AWARDS (France). 

Hurt People has 10 tracks, 3 poems and 7 songs, and it touches on various topics, namely: domestic abuse, child abuse and molestation (at home and in the church), severe despondency and dejection, and above all else, there is a strong emphasis on reclaiming ones happiness after a traumatic experience.

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