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Nakash Diesel’s EP “Time in Hell” is Hot Stuff

August 9, 2022 | By Supa Pea |

Nakash Diesel’s EP titled  “Time in Hell” should not scare the hell out of anyone; it does not feature satan with a four teeth  fork, or the dragon with fire gashing from his throat.

The cover of the EP with the artist’s image, virtually consumed in flames, is ready to tell the tale of what is happening where hell ought not to be.

“I was in jail and I ought not to be there. It was, for me a part of hell.”

Enough said.

Nakash Diesel Time In Hell EP cover

Nakash Diesel is an easy-to-talk- to deejay who is not afraid to work his mind.

“This EP,  the first in my career, will blow your mind because it is not fake or fabricated;  It can be controversial for some people who live in a world of fantasy. I am not writing for five year-olds who want to hear  whatever  they dream about at nights.

“Let’s face it, people are living some good life and others bad. And, society helps to shape our morals. Wrongs do not have degrees. There is no measuring tape. So, there is no half sin or quarter  sin in my books.”

The seven tracks are virtually self- explanatory. The first “Anticipate” is sexually in tune to one of the realities of present- day living.

According to the artist, “There are some girls who are fascinated by three-some. This means three persons engaged in a sexual encounter. And, while the christian society frowns, the secular sees this as, having fun.”

Track Two titled,   “Time in Hell” reinstates the view that life is unpredictable, and  we must be ready to face the traumas.

A few lines  state:

“Hours passed and mi inna mi cell

How much  thoughts a ruń inna mi head

Mi inna mi cell

And a look inna mi self

And a wonda how cum mi nuh dead.”

Interestingly, Nakash takes a look at older woman in another track ” Ole Foot” a Jamaican parlance which refers to a mature woman. The song looks at the relationship between older women and younger men.

“Some people could very well look at such relationship and denounce it as,  time in hell, because at some point the relationship could fall apart and leads to serious domestic disputes,” he adds.

The other tracks are ” Bad Specie,” ” Good So,” “Extort and Rob,” and ” Creme De La Creme.”

Nakash born Delroy Holness is from a district called Galina, St. Mary. “I was consider a bright boy and wanted to become a soldier.

“I was fascinated by the respect people had for soldiers. But, I also loved music, especially when I met a crew in school who became lunch-time entertainers. Beenie Man’s music was too infectious to be ignored  until I recognised the seriousness of Bounty Killer’s lyrics.

“Whilst Beenie Man was all about girls, Bounty was deep- rooted in changes for the poorer class in society.”

The deejay’s trek to Kingston – the music factory, led to his meeting a number of established artistes, including Capleton and Sizzla.

“I respected them but dìd not become a rastafarian. Kingston also gave me the opportunity of knowing several recording studio, including Exodus.

He migrated to Philadelphia, US in 2015, and did his first song, “War Dem Want” in 2016. Other songs include” What’s Coming” ft. Min Mugga,” “Body Bad” and “Creme De La Creme.”

Supa Pea

Supa Pea is an award winning entertainment reporter with Vision Newspaper. Reach Supa Pea at

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