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New Ambassadors and High Commissioners Appointed to Jamaica

In a recent announcement, Senator the Hon. Kamina Johnson Smith, Jamaica’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, revealed the appointment of eight new foreign representatives to serve as Ambassadors and High Commissioners to Jamaica. The announcement was made during a reception held at the Ministry in downtown Kingston on March 12, as part of the Diplomatic Days 2024 activities, spanning from March 12 to 14.

The newly appointed representatives hail from a diverse array of countries, including the Kingdom of Denmark, Republic of Korea, State of Israel, Republic of Suriname, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Republic of Peru, and New Zealand.

During her address to a distinguished audience comprising Ministers of Government, Diplomatic and Consular Corps members, Permanent Secretaries, and leaders from the private sector and civil society groups, Senator Johnson Smith emphasized the significance of engaging with the Diplomatic Corps. She underscored the importance of highlighting Jamaica’s priorities across various sectors such as politics, socio-economics, culture, environment, and commerce during these interactions.

Expressing her delight at the presence of the new representatives in Jamaica, Senator Johnson Smith emphasized the invaluable partnership existing between Jamaica and its bilateral partners. She stated that such engagements not only enable Jamaica to articulate its priorities but also serve to familiarize Heads of Missions with the country’s diverse offerings and attractions.

Furthermore, Senator Johnson Smith disclosed that the Foreign Ministry has allocated over J$4.5 billion to support national development efforts through cooperation activities with bilateral partners. She hinted at providing further details on these initiatives during a forthcoming briefing session with the Diplomatic Corps.

This announcement underscores Jamaica’s commitment to fostering international cooperation and advancing its national development agenda through diplomatic channels. It reflects the country’s ongoing efforts to strengthen diplomatic ties and enhance collaboration with its global counterparts.

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