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It’s a new day for Elliven

Reggae artiste Elliven is in celebratory mode. The talented singer’s latest single, New Day, has been having exactly the kind of impact he had dreamed of, both locally and internationally.

Produced by NAP Musiq, New Day is described as an inspirational song whose appeal is limitless. The single was released in January this year and has been enjoying more than a fair amount of airplay, both on radio and in the club. New Day recently made its debut on the Jamaica Music Countdown Chart where it sits in the number 19 slot of the Top 25 Reggae Singles, having climbed two places from the previous week.

According to Elliven, “This song is really special. Even when I was recording it in studio the lyrics served as a great upliftment tool for me personally, so then and there I knew that it would have a great impact when it was released.”

He added: “New Day is really about counting your blessings, especially the blessing of each new day. It urges the listener to get up each day and do something positive, no matter how small.”

 The singer/song-writer/producer, who has a preference for message music, noted that when he performed the song live in his adopted hometown, Philadelphia, for the very first time, the audience was so completely in tune with the song, it was if they already knew it.

Still very much in promotional mode, Elliven is about to make even more mellow sounds with another single, which he says complements New Day. Interestingly, that song is entitled Hell No.

 Elliven, whose real name is Neville Ashton Palmer, migrated to the US in his teens. He got his first break in 2005, as a producer, when he and  O. Thomas reproduced Bryan Adams hit single “In Heaven”. This reggae version was selected for VP Record’s Strictly The Best Album 32, which was voted onto the top 10 chart in Japan as well as numerous charts around the world.

Over the years, his strong love for reggae music has driven him from the production room into the recording booth. His debut album, “Lyric” was released in, 2015 and distributed by VP Records.

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