The Case Of The Curious Pouch

This installment of “On The Sidelines” is off the beaten track as you will no doubt discover. Hopefully you my readers, will find this story interesting.


There was a distraction coming from a section of my yard … the direction of this strange sound could not be readily ascertained.  Unable to pinpoint exactly where this strange sound was coming from. … it was decided to widen my search. A detailed investigation was the only thing left to do. My curiosity then took the better of me.   Eventually it was this detailed investigation that was undertaken that led to the  uncovering this mystery.

The topography of my home made the search quite exhaustive. Alas!  A trek to my gate which is some one hundred yards from my garage was made.  To my surprise it was discovered that my uncovered trash can was the source of the strange sound.


pouch in barrel
Photo: Labrador trying to get some air.

Stuck helplessly in my trash can was my 6 year old black female Labrador pouch. This is a normally docile animal … renowned for their use as a guide dogs for the sighted impaired.  She was struggling to come out of the plastic trash can. He paws could not find a grip to climb out unaided. Eventually she got both legs on top of the can.

Although her two front legs were on the top of the can.  Her weight prevented her climbing out. In short she was trapped helplessly.


With the help of my partner the pouch was lifted out successfully.  She was so happy to be freed from this hot can.

Will she allow her curiosity to get the better of her in the future?

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision/gtaweekly newspaper.

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