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On the ECOWAS Summit

WASHINGTON07 July 2022 / PRN Africa / — Ned Price, Department Spokesperson

The United States is encouraged by the outcomes of the most recent ECOWAS Summit, held on July 3. We welcome the agreement between ECOWAS and Mali on a 24-month transition timeline starting in March 2022. We trust the transition government of Mali will turn its full attention to implementing the benchmarks of the remainder of the transition as expected by the Malian people and the international community. We remain concerned by reports of allegations of human rights abuses and violations committed by the Malian Armed Forces alongside unaccountable international partners.

In Burkina Faso, we are encouraged by the transition government’s proposal to ECOWAS for a two-year transition timeline to return Burkina Faso to democratically elected, civilian-led governance. ECOWAS will continue to play an important role in support of transition processes and security. We urge partners to prioritize productive engagement with the transition government and to take into account Burkina Faso’s security and humanitarian challenges. We welcome the release of President Roch Marc Christian Kabore and look forward to hearing from Burkina Faso’s authorities on the next steps towards a transition.

In Guinea, we continue to urge the transition government to move the country quickly toward a constitutional, civilian-led democracy through a transparent and consultative process. We welcome ECOWAS’s continued engagement in Guinea and encourage further cooperation and dialogue with all stakeholders. We urge all stakeholders to work together to agree on a transition timeline with concrete, measurable benchmarks that facilitates progress towards democratic rule. We welcome steps towards increased dialogue between stakeholders and firmly support the right of peaceful assembly exercised in peaceful protest.

Finally, we commend the leadership of Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo over the past year and welcome the election of Bissau-Guinean President Umaro EmbaloThe United States remains committed to supporting ECOWAS and the transition governments of MaliGuinea, and Burkina Faso as they navigate their paths toward responsive democratic governance.

SOURCE US Department of State

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