She rode into the playlist of many on the ‘RR’ with her collaboration with Grammy-nominated Devin D Dakata, titled “Rev out di RR”, but the chart-topping track was not her first. Renee Elizabeth Reid formally ‘Double R/RR’ has worked with the likes of Stonebwoy, Sizzla, Colton Tand and Movado on the single ‘Crazy In Love’. Most recently RRE ventured into the popular Reggaeton style with her latest single, “LOCO” featuring Maldonado. Her sassy style and unique sound have peaked the interest of listeners who wants to know, who is RRE?

Born and raised in Kingston Jamaica, the artiste attended, the Queens Prep School then moved on to The Queens School. She then pursued her tertiary education at the University of Technology.

As a child, Renee wanted to become a flight attendant and head of sales manager for any global company but also, she wanted to be a Star. In her younger years, she was an active participant in music, dance, and theatre, and so her decision to follow the musical path was a no-brainer. Influenced by the likes of Beyonce, Bob Marley, Mary J Blige and Rihanna, RRE describes herself as “sexy raunchy and unique with an edge of sophistication”. Her most memorable experience to date in music was shooting the video for the single Crazy in Love, in Miami Florida alongside Movado.

Even with these achievements, her dream is to experience real girl power through a collaboration with Beyonce and Rihanna. According to RRE, “Winning and being nominated for a Grammy. Having my songs hit the Top 10 Billboard charts. Touring the world with family being debt free and living a happy peaceful life and everyone surrounding me living the same life is my life’s goal”.

Offstage, Renee enjoys traveling and spending quality time listening to new music and dancing. Now working on her EP set for release in early 2019 with both summer singles ‘LOCO’ and ‘Cater To You’ now in radio rotation.

RRE wants her fans to know that she is a captivating and determined female artiste that wants her voice to resonate among her peers and those around the world. RRe says “I am open to diving into different markets and fusing my reggae culture with other international artists. I am an independent artist working two jobs to fund my passion in the entertainment industry.”.

RRE’s singles are available on all digital platforms.

By JR Watkins

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