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August 4, 2018
August 5, 2018

Health, Education and Counselling Institute/HECOIN continues to score excellent grades in final external examinations

Colin O Jarrett

HECOIN has offered a fleet of certificate and diploma programmes leading to 100% passes in all of its sittings since its sitting of international external examinations through its prestigious UK-based OTHM Qualifications. These examinations include HouseKeeping Management Services, Food and Beverage Services, Customer Care Management, Security Management, Home Health Aide, CareGiving, AuPair, Elderly Care, Health Care Assistant, Phlebotomy Technician, Pharmacy Technician and Emergency Medical Technician. HECOIN will offer the International Diploma in Dental Assistant for the first time in September 2018. It will offer Level 3 basic (6 months) and advance (an additional six months).

Proud graduates of the programme and practicum supervisors have spoken highly of HECOIN and its execution of its programme.

Mrs Andrea McMahon, Phlebotomy Technician
“Reaching people where they are, leading them to where they should go” That is HECOIN!

“There is so much more I achieved while studying at HECOIN. I gain knowledge from the best tutors in Jamaica and for me the best part was finally realising what I want to achieve with my career. I highly recommend their Phlebotomy course to anyone. This course is great when you have a passion for health care! I would like to thank everyone from HECOIN especially the late Dr Clover Jarrett and Dr Colin O Jarrett, you both haves helped me so much and I cannot thank you enough!”


My journey through this programme has been one of hard work and determination . When I saw the advertisement in the newspaper, I became interested and my mother encouraged me to register at HECOIN . I was anxious to make something great of myself at my age as I needed self confidence and self motivation which I found this kind of support at HECOIN. To do my practical, I made a journey to the Black River Hospital in St Elizabeth. While there, I perfected my skill to it’s peak. At first my practicals were hard but after a while, it was as if I could perform venipuncture with my eyes closed. I am happy for this experience and I want to go higher heights with this programme. Thank you visionaries at HECOIN

Miss Keneisha Bolton, Pharmacy Technician

HECOIN is an excellent institution which has excellent tutors in Pharmacy Technician. The staff provided an environment of love, care and especially a mountain of encouragement. I am happy to be a part of the HECOIN family.
Doing Pharmacy Technician has opened my eyes to push myself to the limit and has had me realize my full potential. Many times, I felt like giving up but with the encouragement of the tremendous family at HECOIN, I kept pressing on. I came into this programme with whispers on my lips and I came out a bold, outspoken individual. HECOIN, I take you with me in my mind, heart, soul, till death us do part. THANK YOU HECOIN!!!

Miss Tobian Silvera, Home Health Aide and Phlebotomy Technician

In Summer 2012 at the age of 17 years-old, I entered a Phlebotomy Tech programme at HECOIN geared for recent High School graduates. The three-month course was very intense and I learnt a lot about venipuncture techniques. Upon successful completion of my programme and just before Graduation, I had a major accident at home and prepared myself not to attend Graduation Ceremony. The Board of Directors having heard of my situation, sponsored me to attend the Graduation Ceremony. When my name was called, Dr Clover Jarrett, President, rose to her feet, went to the microphone and announced that I will receive a full scholarship to do the Home Health Aide programme at HECOIN for that September 2013; My family and I were overjoyed. I began the HHA and graduated again with Distinctions in both practical and theory. I am eternally grateful to the HECOIN family and thank them for acting in a humanitarian way. Again thanks to HECOIN, Dr Jarrett and the HECOIN family. I will promote HECOIN anywhere I go.

 Miss Paulene Palmer, Health Care Specialist

My journey at HECOIN was unforgettable and there are not enough words to convey how excellent this course was and how much I enjoyed every moment of my training experience. I enjoyed the lecture presentations and all practical locations, especially the Funeral Home experience which was beyond the expectations of my classmates. I learnt a lot in a short time/6 months; it’s unbelievable. Having cared for the elderly and sick for over fifteen years, this training makes me better able to perform my duties effectively as a Nurse in a professional manner. Thanks to HECOIN; my dream has come through.

 Mrs Donna-Lee Thomas-Bulli, Health Care Assistant

When I started HECOIN, it was the best thing for me. I started at another nursing school which made the course seem so complicated. At HECOIN, being in the classroom with the Nursing Tutor; who would prepare slides for each topic, making sure each student understood, further prepared me for the programme. The programme included classroom discussion, group presentations, weekly quizzes and clinical assessments, practicum and end of Semester Test.

Having a family and a full-time job, made it a real challenge for me, but with the help of my Nursing Tutor, telling me ways of studying and praying daily for guidance and direction, I made it to the end. We have gone on practicum sites including Nursing Homes, Medical Centre, Winchester Medical and Surgical Institute, Pharmacy, Nursery and Funeral Home all made the experience incredible. The exposure we got at HECOIN has made us well-rounded and disciplined nurses that any employer (locally or overseas) would want to hire. I will continue to recommend HECOIN to all who I come across as the best health care institution in the World!!

Mr Andre R Lindo, Food and Beverage Services

HECOIN has been the changing point in my life from the first day I started straight to the last day. HECOIN provided a great learning experience for me. The way I was treated from registration, in the classroom and on the practicum sites have a lasting effect on me.

I would proudly recommend all persons to HECOIN which is the best school ever. The high Christian values make HECOIN the place to be. I thank the HECOIN family for providing a well-rounded education for me making me a Food and Beverage Services Personnel. Thank you HECOIN!!!

Cpl Mark Lindo, Food and Beverage Services

In April 2015, I began a journey, meeting and serving persons. This journey has been one that the Lord has been using as an open door, HECOIN “the Polytechnic of the Caribbean”.
HECOIN’s delivery and its work experience sites have prepared me well for the international market. I have met and served Jamaicans, Australians, Canadians, Americans, and Haitians to name a few at a first class hotel in Jamaica. I have absolutely no regret since entering HECOIN. In fact, I recommend it to you and dare to say, if you do not study at HECOIN, you are missing a golden opportunity, so register now!! HECOIN “reaching people where they are; leading them to where they should go”

Leighton Henry, BSc, Graduate, Batch 1, Customer Service Class, Kingston Campus, Submitted April 2014

I am a projects manager in a well established security organization and I have a Bachelor of Science degree.   I was introduced to the customer service program being offered by HECOIN by Professor Colin O Jarrett and one of the course facilitators. I was told that at the end of the course and examination I would receive certification from City and Guilds.  After the first class at HECOIN I realized that I had some deficiencies; I therefore decided to embrace the lessons and guidance from the course facilitators. 

 Having completed the course, I have been utilizing the tenets taught and I have seen remarkable results.  I have written project documents and given presentations in my work space and have been purporting the tenets in gleaned from the course.

I have no hesitation in recommending HECOIN to workers and Managers alike in any service organization.

Rose-Marie Rochester, Housekeeping Management Services

During my time spent at HECOIN completing the International Certificate in HouseKeeping, the experience was really good in completing the housekeeping skill with such a renowned institution. I was successful in my examination

Anieka Facey, HouseKeeping Management Services

This course would not be possible with God intervention and the kind assistance of all the wonderful persons who took the time to give me their support in completing this course.

My journey at HECOIN began while at home thinking about getting a certificate in Housekeeping. I have a passion for HOUSEKEEPING because I like to see a tidy place so I decided to visit the HECOIN Mandeville Campus the next day. It was a beautiful afternoon where I met Ms. Green and she encouraged me and gave me motivating advice about this programme, so I went ahead and registered.

At the beginning of the course I was shy even at some point throughout the course I felt like giving up. Mrs. Grandson our Tutor and Ms. Green, the Admin Staff, encouraged me not to give up and I continued. The work experience was my greatest experience at HECOIN. This experience proved to be educating. On spot, I had to grasp what I was taught theoretically which helped to educate and enhance my knowledge and prepare me for the real world. I sat my external examination and was successful.

Keisha A Campbell, HouseKeeping Management Services

Being enrolled in the Housekeeping Programme at HECOIN was a wonderful decision for me. I’ve got the chance to learn the correct procedures for making the beds, cleaning the rooms, bathrooms, kitchens etc. It motivated me to be an independent person. I tried to learn all I could. This has been my second programme with HECOIN, and I have become a total different person since I’ve started classes in 2014.

My tutor spent so much time encouraging us, setting us on the right path. Sending me on work experience was so wonderful. I was taught the different ways making towel arts, how to greet my guests and how to be a professional in what I was doing. My best part was when my supervisor put me to work by myself, this gave me a chance to do the job properly and I got a chance to appraise myself by stepping back after doing each room and looked back at what I have done and smile with myself.

I encouraged all my friends to spend their spare time by enrolling in one of HECOIN’S programmes and try their best to make the best of it. I was successful in my examination.

 Mrs Maureen Bent, RN, RM, PHN, Graduate of Nurse-Aide Programme @ HECOIN

Behind every successful story are the people who helped to make it happen. With a scholarship from the Jarrett’s at HECOIN, I started my nursing journey in 1993. I was treated with respect and professionalism by all and efficiency and efforts never went unnoticed. I quickly moved through the nursing ranks, keeping God as my forerunner. Today I am proud to say I am a Public Health Nurse, I would like to express my deepest thanks to the HECOIN team. Your strengths as an educational institution and your caring nature are a superb combination. I have always looked up to you and have been honoured to be part of your family. I will continue to speak very highly of this noble institution. Thank you for creating such a positive impact on my life.
To all READERS: everyone who tries will succeed, and if you haven’t succeeded, then you have not reached the end. Therefore get on board with the HECOIN family and start your success relay. God Bless You.


Nurse Hermaine Bascoe, Nursing Services Manager, St Monica’s Nursing Home, White Marl, St Catherine

 I am happy to be working with HECOIN Board of Directors and Students for over 15 years. I have found HECOIN students to be very good students; by that I mean well trained, professional, caring and follow instructions given. I find that when many of them are complete with major duties, they get involved in other skills to gain more nursing skills practice. I will always cherish HECOIN students and am confident that they will be compassionate and hard-working nurses wherever they go.

Nurse Elaine Allen, Nurses Manager, Hospiten, St James

I am delighted to work with HECOIN students since May 2011. I find the student nurses willing to learn and receptive. There are many who show deep interest, ask questions and will follow through with instructions to the end. Many of them have more than the basic skills of nursing when they come to MoBay Hope and Diagnostic Centre and so we are convinced that the foundation at HECOIN has been well laid. We are committed to working with HECOIN Board of Directors and its students for a long time.

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