OpenSports makes finding sports easier for new ​Torontonians

OpenSports user-generated pickup games make sports more accessible

OpenSports allows for user-generated pickup soccer games in the city of Toronto. Most of our users are new to Toronto or immigrants to Canada and they use the app to create, find and play pickup games.

“We wanted to make organizing and playing sports easy, inclusive, and as affordable.” said James Gibbons, co-founder and CEO of OpenSports. “We made it happen in 2016 bringing together thousands of sport players and connecting everyone from new Canadians to semi-professional athletes to young professionals who grew up here.”

OpenSports is a great way for adults who are new to Toronto to find sports communities. We have users from over 100 different countries and they regularly organize and come to games.

The app features exclusive games as well as popular drop-in games across the city. If a player wants to organize his or her own game, the app helps with every aspect of planning, from finding players to organizing and payment. Organizers can also find position specific substitutes in the player database. The user community helps regulate the quality of sports on the app. After a meetup, players can rate and review organizers and other players based on their experiences.

OpenSports is available in the App Store and on Google Play.

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