Our Top Sweet Jamaica Songs

Derik Morgan – Forward March (1962)
“Gather together, be brothers and sisters/ We’re independent”
Lord Creator – Independent Jamaica (1962)
“Jamaica has got independence and everyone is happy”
Eric Donaldson (1962)
“This is the land of my birth”
Alton  Ellis – Jamaica (1969)
“I can’t forget all the places I lived in Jamaica”
Neville Willoughby – I Love Jamaica (1971)
“I love Jamaica/ Di land of di sugar”
Clancy Eccles – Sweet Jamaica (1971)
“Now get right up and sing a song/ A song from the Caribbean”
Bob Marley & The Wailers – Smile Jamaica (1976)
“Help the children/ Help them right”
Brigadier Jerry – Jamaica, Jamaica (1984)
“Down in Jamaica Briggie born and grow/ Di Ochi Rios fall I man love it so”
Jose Wales – Nah Lef Ya (1987)
“Proud ah Jamaica mek mi hear you”
Admiral Bailey – Nowhere Better Than Yard (1989)
“When mi check it out lawd/ Nowhere no better than yard”
Tony Rebel – Sweet Jamaica (1991)
“What a nice place to live”
Jah Cure – Jamaica (2004)
“Please go Jamaica/ If you really wanna have some fun”
Mr. Vegas – Sweet Jamaica (2010)
“I feel like jamming to the reggae beat”
George Nooks – Sweet Sweet Jamaica (2012)
“We are 50 celebrate we history/ Sweet, sweet Jamaica”
Noddy Virtue ft. Chacka Demus – JA 50 Wine  (2012)
“10, 20, 30 , 40, 50 time/ Come join the 50 wine”

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