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“People are wondering where the truth is in the constant bombardment of mainstream media” – The Lambsbread

August 13, 2020 | By Malaika Lepine |

MPR Consulting – Devastating forest fires in Australia (one of the country’s worst fire seasons on record), threat of WW3, covid-19 pandemic, failing economy, abuse of power, impeachment and racial tensions are among some of the crisis that has plagued 2020 to-date. Amid the chaos, artists worldwide have alleviated their creativity in many forms, such as with the latest release from Hawaii’s based conscious reggae band THE LAMBSBREAD candid chant “LOCKDOWN

Hawaii, The Lambsbread – 2020 has been one of the most turbulent and uncertain years in recent history for the people of the world. With the spread of covid 19 around the globe, rioting and social unrest, totalitarian measures being implemented by governments, people are wondering where the truth is in the constant bombardment of mainstream media.

With the cancellation of concerts and festivals in almost every country, many musicians have taken to the studio to bring a little light in a dark time for many people of the world. Delivering their latest musical offering on July 31, the Lambsbread takes us on a mystical journey with the new single “Lockdown”. A heavy roots tune, the lyrics wind their way down the path of our collective state, to a surreal and poetic conclusion of love and hope for humanity.

Produced by Lambsbread keyboardist Jacob Selassie this tune has a heavyweight baseline crafted by veteran Jamaican bass player Chris Meredith. The way the baseline and the vocals move together take us on an ethereal musical journey through consciousness. As the guitar line dances through the melody the emotion and feelings rise to the surface. The guitar parts were laid down by Lambsbread guitarist Jesus “Chewy” Gallegos and the mix done by drummer/producer Samuel Levi, the balance and sound quality are phenomenal. Mastered by one of the top mastering studios in Miami, Fuller Mastering, the sound is exceptional from beginning to end.

The artwork for this latest single from the Lambsbread is also thought provoking, and brings to life the context of the song “Lockdown”. Created by visual artist Art by Ancient, just the cover alone draws you in to want to know what hidden knowledge is contained within this masterpiece.

Listen closely, listen carefully, maybe with a pair of headphones or some really loud speakers as the Lambsbread takes us on a cosmic journey to the higher heights.

yo here them come with another news story, lie dem a tell, dem man don’t have no mercy,
slaving the people me say dem a blood thirsty, blood sucking vampire dem are not worthy,
slaving di people even robbing the children, precious earths and minerals keep heaping di burden,
and still they use divide and di rule,
so why we never learning,
the tables need some turning,
the system needs some burning

Distributed by Zojak Worldwide, “LOCKDOWN” is available on all major streaming platforms and digital outlets.

Malaika Lepine is a GRAMMY Award-Winning Publicist with MPR Consulting

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