Perspective: Is Attack On INDECOM An Attack On Right To Life? … PM Holness … Can Peter Phillips Be Trusted?

The Jamaican PM Holness seem to be so concerned about getting his political agenda through with his one seat majority government that he may be focusing on the forest and not the mahogany break front or dining table. It is not easy to see beyond our nose, especially when there is noise and confusion, as is the case oftentimes in Parliament. This is not to excuse poor judgment or apparent shortsightedness on the party of PM Holness.

Right To Life

It is supposed to be the number one priority of any government to secure the safety and right to life of its citizens.  High bond ratings is good, but the dead will never appreciate same in this space on earth. This is what INDECOM is all about.


The then Nat. Security Minister Peter Bunting who was “fired” in February 2016 by the electorate, for his own reasons decided to embark on a campaign to water down INDECOM. God was not asleep … like Saul on the Damascus Road, who later became Paul he (Bunting) was stopped in his tracks.

Scene 2

Former Police Federation head now Assistant Commissioner Raymond Wilson, was apparently one of Bunting’s disciples who was hell-bent on dismantling/undermining INDECOM. He is now elevated  … his focus may have shifted … propelled on to other paths.

Enter PM Holness …

A new kid on the block, who seem to be so busy to stop and “read the tea leaves”.  Like Jesus who was renowned for being trusting … not realizing that even those who eat and drink or you consult with cannot be trusted. Constitutionally Holness has to consult with Peter Phillips, on certain issues of State. He is by law Leader of Her Majesties’ Loyal Opposition.  This is so, but like the Trojan Horse … gifts are often disguised. They are oftentimes not what they appear to be on the surface. Peter Phillips’ flip flop on INDECOM is one such case in point.  At one moment he chides Holness for criticizing INDECOM and at another juncture tells apparent “tales” on INDECOM.

Dr. Peter Phillips has a history of not always playing by the accepted rules/conventions. You will recall him signing a covert/secret agreement with a foreign government without consulting with not even his own PM and Cabinet colleague, Portia Simpson Miller. This fact is on the public record. Can Phillips be trusted?

Why Was INDECOM Set Up?

INDECOM was established because of the unacceptably high level of alleged extra judicial (police) killings.  Since INDECOM these killings have halved.  Police officers have been convicted for murder etc. It is difficult to convict the police not with standing, even when there is strong evidence. The right to life is what INDECOM is about. Full stop.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is Senior International correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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