Perspective: Congrats! For DPP Llewellyn, Re Det. Pennington… Justice Reigns Supreme…

It is not our practice to give compliments cheaply.  Certainly not to public servants who are paid to do their jobs professionally. In this case respect is due.  DPP Paula Llewellyn deserves same as she went beyond the call of duty, from our perspective to see that justice reigned supreme in case Queen vs. Pennington.


The vexed issue of an accused police murderer walking free did irk me bitterly.  A Spanish Town Parish Judge had ruled that a Police Officer identified as one Detective Constable Pennington, should walk because he was wrongly arrested by INDECOM.  In a talk with noted journalist Cliff Hughes, I told him that Det. Constable Pennington would not walk free, just like that. Detective Constable Pennington who goes by the alias “Rushie” was said by the dying man whom he is accused of shooting (him) was in fact the shooter.


The dying shot victim was recorded on a cellphone as saying he was shot by “Rushie,” Det. Constable Pennington’s alias. It is long excepted in law that truth floweth from the lips of dying men”.  If this long established principle still holds true today, then Det. Constable Pennington is not sitting pretty. He has a case to answer to.


The DPP looked into the case and by voluntary indictment has  hopefully this time around properly brought Pennington before the court and recharged Det. Constable Pennington for murder.


In this my perspective on this vexed issue, we do not gloat at this new arrest of detective Constable Pennington.  Of concern is that justice be done. Justice for the victim who from all appearances was unlawfully killed from bullets allegedly fired from Pennington’s gun.  And justice for Pennington who is presumed innocent until proven otherwise.  The doubt hanging over Pennington’s head has been removed.


We are not overly concerned about the innocence or guilt of Detective Constable Pennington, what is of major concern is that justice be served because justice is being placed into the vial and hopefully not found wanting.


INDECOM did what it had to do by law.  Let us not in the smokescreen forget this fact.  Unfortunately the case file was incomplete … a fact acknowledged by INDECOM.  The recent Appeal Court ruling against arrests by INDECOM was not the only reason for Pennington to walk initially as apparently stated by defense Lawyer Townsend, who represents Pennington.  It was as pointed out by the DPP that shoddy case preparation was the real reason.  The Supreme Court appeal may have played a minor role n this matter. This is a teachable moment to us all. Enough said.


We are satisfied that like any accused,  Det. Cons. Pennington will have his day in court. We expect nothing less. This is our perspective. What is yours?

Congrats DPP Llewellyn  … we applaud your professionalism.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie has a keen interest in matters legal, is also senior international correspondent for Vision Newspaper Canada.

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