Poetic Perspective: Of pomp and Circumstance …

Meghan was on a roll
She was in full control
Not only with regard to raiment
It was for any false argument

The preacher was black …
So was the choir on that track
The cellist was of similar ilk
She never went for any milk

Wedding gown was front page
Colour black was on stage ..
There was no outrage …
Mother’s genes via slave trade

The flower girls couldn’t upstage Tiny girls strutting it on stage. There was not one Bridesmaid
Yet things were not staid …

Meghan’s planning of defiance
Amidst pomp and circumstance
It was a fairytale romance …
Spending big was the stance

It was a media circus …
Albeit this was not the focus
The mystique about the dress
Did not in anyway distress….

Despite the long chain …
This caused no undue pain …
The pages were on hand …
Elegantly they allowed it to hang

Handling chain with a bang …
She left the chapel as they sang
Not a traditional wedding song
Neither wedding bells rang

The designer spared no cloth
Their work did not go to nought
The true essence was caught
Of elegance and deep thought

Meghan had no competition
Maids could cause commotion
Robbing bride’s preeminence
Causing confusion by presence

It was a departure from norm …
Causing no undue alarm …
Meghan, comfortable in her skin
She proved to be of thick skin

Endowed with a coat of Teflon
Her self-confidence she relied on
Trudeau gave her $50,000 gift …
Quite a hit to aid “Jump Start”

Jump Start is a Meghan Charity
This is just for clarity ….
Archbishop Wilkin read the Bible
Worthy coloreds, not left idle …

HRH Harry got a new stripe
When he rolled his jaguar etype
He did show his class ….
Propelling  them … real fast

As they exit the chapel …

Not a wedding song
Nor any bells rang
Tradition was not displayed
Such was not on parade

They left and displayed a kiss
That many could not miss
It was a very public display
Done without much delay …

It was the usual meeting of lips  Undoubtedly licking the bliss
The weather was pleasant
For birds and peasant …

It was the people’s wedding
For viewing, gossip and eating
Their fascination with weddings
Wish weds all God’s blessings

Invasion of “fascinators” worn
Hat on all, helping to adorn ….
Fashion was on display …
There is little left to say ….

Ah, ah, ah ….

By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie, poet, satirist, royal watcher, social activist,  international correspondent for Vision Newspaper.

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