Perspective: Danville Walker Should Walk?

The Opposition Senator Lambert Brown earned the wrath of Senate President Thomas Tavares-Finson when he called out Danville by name saying that he (Danville Walker) should step aside as Chairman of Customs and Chairman of the Trade Board, government entities for having been convicted in the Parish Court for breaching the Contractor General’s Act.  Senator Lambert brown, a Radio Talk Show host and Trade Unionist questioned. Why is Danville Walker Walker remaining as head of Customs and head of the Trade Board?

Moral Authority
Moral authority demands the resignation of Danville Walker for having breached the Contractor General’s Act.  There was hushed silence, only broken when Senate president, obviously annoyed, chided Senator Lambert Brown.
‘It is a breach of the Convention in this chamber and elsewhere in that we do not come here and call up people name, and he (Danvile Walker) has indicated he is an appellant.  I do not want any comment”, a Brown attempted to respond.  “I am very disappointed in you Senator Brown.  Mr Walker is not here to defend himself”  The obviously annoyed Senate President concluded.
Danville Walker, former Customs Commissioner was found guilty and fied 500o dollars, the maximum for shipping off 97 containers of scrap metal without a licences to do so.  The breach was his failure to supply information requested by the OCG in a timely manner.. it is believed that there was a temporary ban on exports of scrap metal at the time in question.
 The Jamaica Observer Newspaper
Danville Walker is managing director of the Observer newspaper an position which he still holds.  He is a former JLP candidate for Central Manchester who lost to MP Peter Bunting PNP in the February 2016 General Elections which brought the JLP to power. It was closely contested race.
Senator Ruel Reaid
as is customary we got a response from Senator Ruel Reid who is the JLP’s Information Minister et al.”The matter of Danville Walker has not been discussed at Cabinet level , we cannot always respond as quickly to every matter … I will take same there … “asserted the Information Minister and Cabinet member in the Holness administration.
Low Blow
In principle Brown is correct to raise the issue but it is the timing that is considered a low down blow.  The matter is under appeal … we must respect the legal process which is available to all to clear their name.
In our perspective Brown should have been more sensitive under the circumstances. Politics is not a Sunday School affair …. no prisoners are taken in this environment, as you are aware.
Walker is not believed to have benefited personal or got any financial gain from the apparent breach.  What is your perspective?
Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is SIC vision Newspaper.

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