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Leave Her Sexuality Alone …

“Many hands make work light” PM-Elect Mia Mottley declared as she addressed jubilant supporters and the Barbados nation on her resounding victory at the polls. It was a total wipe out … as a result the Barbados people are without a parliamentary opposition. The Barbados Labour Party (BLP) led by Mottley et al have won all 30 of the seats up for grabs in Barbados.

Marsha D said” Democracy, as we know it is not for Barbados, them relish one party status.” Marsha D was speaking to Vision on the election results in Barbados. She is Jamaican and holds a Masters degree in international relations. View that comment as you will.

Why focus on Mottley’s sexuality?  Barbados has many other problems to solve than to worry about PM-Elect Mottley’s sexuality.  They have money worries as Jamaica did not so long ago.

Barbados At A Glance

Barbados is the most easterly island in the archipelago. It got its Independence from Britain in 1966.  It is a Westminster style democracy.  English is the mostly spoken language there and they have a high literacy rate and mostly black people.


It has population size of about 300, 000 … is smaller geographically than many Jamaican parishes. It has a stable political system and changes governments via the ballot box every five (5)
years and never otherwise. They have a multi-party democracy, but two parties seem to always alternate power as is the case in many democracies including Jamaica.

DLP is Led By defeated PM F. Stewart

The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) was hostile to immigration and this played out in for example the Shanique Myrie Affair/case.  This display seriously ruined the Stewart led government’s image, if not reputation … in the end it is not clear if she did get paid her money.   They came under tremendous amount of pressure to fess up based on the legal judgment and the results of the Caribbean Court of Justice. Barbados is always been seen as  the gem in the Caribbean
Little England as they are called, somehow this image has been tarnished.  In fact I don’t even think you need a Visa or in there is an entry requirements to go to Britain as we do in Jamaica. There is no such requirement … they have free unfettered access to Britain and this tells you how much as a small country with less than 300,000 people their punch is more than their actual populations about 300,000 mainly blacks. Their 300,000 is probably about the population size of some Jamaican parishes. Geography is almost the entire city Barbados country as a nation. Although so small a country in the Caribbean, they were always seen as a very proud people almost to the point of being aloof we hope that they will come down to earth and if they do try today dismiss the perception in the Caribbean of them being better than other people … is certainly not good for Caribbean unity. Enough said.

Mottley has called for “new social partnership and the release of the noose of taxes from the necks of the people.” Will she deliver?

PM F. Stewart

In his (Stewart) defeat or concession speech he said “we did the best we could for Barbados …. we will be vindicated in due course. He has retired from politics following the loss of his seat. Good  for you former PM Fruendel Stewart.

Rihanna in her song “Take A Bow” had this to say:

“You put on quite a show …
But it is over now …
It is time to go …”

Quite appropriate lyrics from Rihanna, a Barbadian …. we hope Stewart will read this perspective.

We wish PM-Elect Mottley all the success.  The bad mouthing regarding her private life is addressed in this poetic perspective penned by me below.

Poetic Perspective

With whom you have sex …
Is out of context …
You were voted in to perform …
Your sexuality will not adorn …

You left the nation in disrepair
Demonstrating how you did care
The voters were not amused
Hence you were flatly removed

With mess flowing on the street
Tourists would not want to greet
Mess to walk in …
Why did you expect to win …?

Barbadians are high on Literacy
No comment on level of lunacy
They seem to be lagging behind
Really do not want to be unkind.

Mr.  Stewart, it is time to bow …
The voters have shown how …
They thank you for the show …
Just quietly go ….


By Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie, poet, satirist etc


The economy is in ruins with sewer flowing on the streets in the south of the country. Go to the IMF for guidance. Stick to their plan. Follow us Jamaicans.  We have made a success of our IMF programmes and are now reaping the rewards.


Since the election a cabinet has been formed.  PM Mia Mottley is Defense and Finance Minister.  We will update you as soon as we get more details.


We wonder how recording artiste Robyn ‘Rihanna’ Fenty, who is Barbadian, is reacting to the political developments in her tiny island? She congratulated the 52 year old lawyer, Mia Amor Mottley as first PM for Barbados.
Rihanna could lend them some cash?  They need it now, don’t they?  Let us hear from you with your perspective.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie is poet, satirist, also Senior International Correspondent & Photojournalist for Vision Newspaper Canada.
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