Perspective; Ontario Banished “Carding” Statute 58/16 … Innovative, Fair, and Transparent …

There has been the perception that police stopping,minorities, especially those citizens of colour for so called traffic related reasons was a tool disguised as a cover for “racial profiling” … getting official cover.


I was stopped on Division Street, Kingston, Ontario driving my shiny Oldsmobile sedan towards the 401 when a very polite police constable signalled me to pull over.  I asked him why he stopped me, and he frankly admitted that “I did not see me around town before and was curious as to who I was”  I was pursing a law course at the time and realize my rights were being trampled. I was being stopped without “cause”. In short, as a person of colour I was being profiled or targeted because of my race and pigmentation.

Fought Back

I asked the officer “Why did you stop me?”  there was deafening silence.  It was then that he admitted that he stopped me for reasons better known to him and his action was not traffic violation related (stop). The police officer saw on his dash board computer that I owned the car. He addressed me by name when we spoke … as I said above he was very polite. I did not bother to file a complaint.

Review of Carding

The review being led by Justice Michael Tulloch is a great idea. Any attack on racism being perpetrated “in any shape or form is abominable”.  As we never fail to state in Vision Newspaper,  “Racism is an affront to decency”.

Premier Wynne …

We are proud of Premier Wynne for leading this initiative.  Racism and negative racist behaviour is under scrutiny by the Ontario government. Good for you Lady Kathleen Wynne.

On Wednesday February 1, 2018 in Thunder Bay, Ontario will be the venue for the review.  We urge all to go out and send affidavits or position papers/submissions etc. Re your experience on carding. Tell all you know and say it loud to the review panel on Carding.

Is Carding A Racist Tool?

It is wrong and we should reject the notion that it is necessary as a means of crime control/reduction … It is racism in disguise.  Is this so? Kingston, On. with a diverse population of about 105, 000 had a very low crime wave.  Less than eight (8) homicides in any year …. 1994 -1999. The Pen has criminals drawn from across the Province and elsewhere but does not reflect the crime situation on the ground in Kingston, On. the former Capital of the country now known as Canada.

If you fail to confront the beast known as carding then you would have been complicit in your non attendance at the review panel looking into carding.  The police must be controlled.  They could get out of control and be tempted to go on a frolic of their own. They must be stopped in their tracks.

Hopeton O’Connor-Dennie lived in Canada and experienced racism up front.
This is our perspective. What is yours. Feel free to disagree.

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